Real-Time Telemetry

Generate critical identity intelligence information.

Usher enables the Intelligent Enterprise with real-time data on access and authentication. Data is generated every time a user accesses an enterprise resource with their Usher badge. This telemetry data is a rich and underutilized source of information that is the key to unlocking a smarter, more productive workforce.

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User Interactions

Get insights in real time.

The identity intelligence data generated by Usher can be brought into MicroStrategy for analysis in real time through live data processing via a Kafka-based ETL process. By putting real-time information into the hands of operations analysts, organizations can get detailed insight into user behavior, identify potential security threats, and make more data-driven business decisions.

Locate and Collaborate with Workforce

Get greater visibility into everyday operations.

Usher Professional gives managers the tools they need to manage widely distributed workforces. Whether it is a regional salesforce, remote employees, or a network of truck drivers spread across the country, Usher allows managers to locate and communicate with employees in just a few clicks. This helps foster communication, collaboration, and productivity throughout the organization.

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Device Usage
Usage Profile
Real-Time Analytics

Monitor resources to help maximize asset utilization.

Organizations are made up of a wide range of resources, from hardware and IT infrastructure to vehicles and office space. The way these assets are used is at the very heart of how a business operates, but until now most businesses lacked meaningful insight into asset utilization. With Usher organizations can generate and analyze data on every aspect of their business in order better understand how and when their resources are being used.

Put the most powerful analytics platform to work for your business.