The core analytical processing power for every project.

MicroStrategy offers a comprehensive set of business intelligence services that can be delivered via the on-premise MicroStrategy Server or the MicroStrategy Cloud. These services dynamically assemble metadata objects and provide core analytical processing power for any type of analytics application, propelling your business forward as an Intelligent Enterprise.


Support threshold-based delivery of reports and dashboards.


Analyze data using advanced calculations and functions.


Retrieve data from a variety of enterprise assets.


Automate the delivery of personalized reports and dashboards.


Support the deployment of localized multilingual applications.

Logical access

Enable users to securely access logical assets with Usher.

Physical access

Integrate with PACS to enable Usher to control facilities access.


Support ad-hoc execution and manipulation of documents.


Apply user level permissions and privileges.


Log usage, authorization, and identity data for analysis.


Take action on information, from anywhere.

Alert services

Support threshold-based delivery of reports and dashboards.

Alerting Services supports the threshold-based delivery of reports, documents, and dashboards. Any user can quickly set up delivery subscriptions that are executed only when a certain condition, or threshold, is met. These threshold conditions are defined either by using fixed value comparisons (e.g. "profit margin drops below 5%") or by comparing one metric to another (e.g. "revenue drops below cost").

Once configured, an alert subscription scans and evaluates the data and sends proactive notifications to subscribers if the threshold conditions are met. This ensures that users are alerted when there is a departure from standard business conditions.

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Analytical services

Analyze data using advanced calculations and functions.

The MicroStrategy platform is designed to help organizations use data to tackle their toughest business problems. That’s why MicroStrategy delivers a wide range of out-of-the-box analytical functions, supports integration with 3rd-party statistical programs and data mining tools, and makes it easy to apply these calculations across enterprise data sources.

With MicroStrategy, metrics and KPIs can range from simple aggregations to advanced financial and statistical calculations to data mining models. These metrics can then be easily leveraged in reports, visualizations, dashboards, or enterprise applications.

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Data services

Retrieve data from a variety of enterprise assets.

The MicroStrategy Intelligence Server is optimized to integrate and extract data from all major data sources. It can perform data analysis across different data sources by querying them and pulling the relevant data into a single unified data set.

The Intelligence Server relies on the ODBC standard and SQL to query relational databases and uses XMLA with the MDX query language for cube databases.

MicroStrategy installs wire protocol ODBC drivers that communicate directly with a database through its own wire level protocol, eliminating the need to install a database’s native networking drivers.

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OLAP reports

Data discovery

Predictive analytics

Advanced visualizations

Geo-spatial analysis

Interactive dashboards

Banded reports

Alerts and distribution

Mobile applications

MicroStrategy Platform





Relational databases

Hadoop and big data

Cloud-based data

Enterprise applications

Personal or departmental

Enterprise data and business applications

Distribution services

Automate the delivery of personalized reports and dashboards.

Distribution Services is a component of the MicroStrategy platform that enables efficient, high-volume distribution of reports, documents, and dashboards.

Both administrators and users can define subscriptions to a variety of devices and formats (tablet, phone, email, PDF, etc.). Once subscribed, users receive updates whenever they are available.

Users can also set up various distribution triggers, including:

  • Send Now - immediate distribution
  • Time-based triggers - e.g. "every Monday morning"
  • Event-based triggers - e.g. "when data loading is complete"
  • Alert-based triggers - e.g. "when inventory drops below 10%"
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Localization services

Support the deployment of localized multilingual applications.

The MicroStrategy platform enables organizations to deploy fully localized applications by supporting internationalization in three key areas: metadata, data, and system interfaces.

  • System metadata: MicroStrategy provides out-of-the-box translations for 20 languages and dialects. Translations are provided for user interfaces, system components, system messages, menus, and toolbars.
  • Data translation: The platform supports the internationalization of enterprise data into many different languages. This allows a single report or dashboard to serve the local language needs of users all over the world.
  • Interface translations: MicroStrategy uses the language setting on a computer or device to dynamically provide interface translations for the Mobile, Web, and Developer interfaces.
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Logical access services

Enable users to securely access logical assets with Usher.

Usher replaces physical ID badges, passwords, keys, and security tokens with secure digital badges delivered via smartphone.

Using a combination of strong authentication methods, Usher secures access to applications, VPNs, workstations, and more.

Interactive authentication options include push notifications, QR code scans, one-time passcodes and biometrics, as well as zero-click, proximity-based authentication via Bluetooth.

Badge holders

  • HQ employees ALL


  • HQ parking garage and elevators

  • Fitness Center

  • Cisco VPN

  • Employee Home Portal

  • HR: Helpdesk and time off

  • HR: Employee Review

  • Expense Request System

  • Wiki Knowledge Sharing

  • Employee File Server


  • QR code login


  • GPS log and tracking

  • Bluetooth log and tracking

  • Action log

Physical access services

Integrate with PACS to enable Usher to control facilities access.

Usher lets users seamlessly access physical entryways using their smartphones, delivering critical security that’s convenient for everyone.

Usher is designed to communicate and connect with a variety of physical access control systems (PACS) and comes with several out-of-the-box integrations, including Lenel OnGaurd and Tyco CCure.

When Usher connects to a PACS, each physical access point secured by the existing system is loaded into the Usher Security Server as a digital key. The PACS continues to control access, but Usher allows users to unlock these entryways by touching a digital key, scanning a QR code, tapping an NFC tag, or via proximity with a BLE beacon or Bluetooth badge reader.


  • Access facilities

  • Turn on computer

  • Log into a VPN

  • Approve customer transactions

  • Start equipment


Access requirements

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • PIN + Password

  • Biometric

  • Geo lock

  • Time lock


Workforce analysis

  • GPS log and tracking

  • Bluetooth log and tracking

  • Action log

Reporting services

Support ad-hoc execution and manipulation of documents.

With MicroStrategy, it's possible to build a variety of enterprise reports, documents, and dashboards, ranging from operational reports to invoices and statements.

Reports and documents created in MicroStrategy are highly flexible and enable users to tailor a report view to the exact level that they need to answer a specific business question.

Enterprise reports allow users to quickly identify when key performance metrics fall outside of a desired range, and how they perform over time. Users can drill down into a document’s underlying data to uncover the root cause of any issue.

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Security services

Apply user level permissions and privileges.

The MicroStrategy platform is built to meet the most stringent organizational security requirements. Seamless integration with Windows, LDAP, databases, and other systems ensures that only appropriately authenticated users are granted access to sensitive corporate information.

Combining data access security with application privileges and object access permissions provides granular, row-level data security that is personalized for each individual, user role, and user group.

It also provides support for encryption of data at rest and in transit, encryption key management, system activity and transaction logging, and auditing.

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Protect Enterprise Data End-to-End


Validate User Access - Who, When, Where


Fine-grained Control Over What Users can See and Do

Telemetry services

Log usage, authorization, and identity data for analysis.

MicroStrategy enables organizations to capture back-end telemetry data, generated by Usher, in order to analyze user activity across the enterprise. Usher can collect a wide range of enterprise data, including:

  • Location: data generated from device GPS and Bluetooth readers
  • Access: record logs of the gateways and resources accessed by users
  • Authentications: information on the methods used by individuals to access physical and logical assets
  • Time: time stamps for access and authentication activities
  • Authorization: data regarding the privileges and access rights of users

Taken together, this data is extremely valuable. In addition to improving enterprise security, this telemetry data can help management better understand resource usage patterns, identify ways to reduce waste, and improve business processes.

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User authentication

Biometric fingerpring validation

Certified device validation

Dynamic secure codevalidation

Directory synchronization

Eliminate passwords



Transaction services

Take action on information, from anywhere.

Transaction Services allows users to leverage a document (most commonly a mobile app) to write back to an underlying data source. Transactions allow users to take action on a decision from directly within a MicroStrategy application by inserting, updating, or deleting rows in the underlying data source.

When a user inputs information into a transactional field, it is captured by the application. Then, using MicroStrategy’s write-back capabilities, the underlying database is updated.

MicroStrategy supports a wide range of transactional inputs including: text fields, calendar, camera, GPS, sliders, and more.

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Deployment options

On-Premises (Secure Enterprise)

MicroStrategy can be deployed on-premises on various operating systems. Deployments can be customized to meet an organization’s specific needs by installing different combinations of MicroStrategy components.


MicroStrategy can also be seamlessly deployed on the cloud, enabling IT departments to create hosted BI applications that deliver value fast. Pay only for what you need and scale up as your business grows by instantly adding licenses and server capacity.

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The MicroStrategy advantage

Deliver every style of business intelligence.

Leverage the MicroStrategy Server to capture data from any source across the enterprise and transform it into business value. With rich formatting and design capabilities, any user can assemble reusable metadata objects into compelling production-ready applications, ranging from scorecards, to interactive documents, statements, banded reports, and data discovery dashboards.

Stay ahead of the competition with advanced analytics.

MicroStrategy delivers powerful advanced and predictive analytics that enable users to dig deeper into data to uncover new insights and assess future business prospects. With a broad library of native functions, and the ability to integrate with third-party data mining models, MicroStrategy empowers organizations to perform sophisticated analysis and make better decisions.

Raise the bar with distribution, transactions, and more.

MicroStrategy includes powerful services that support automated distribution, alerting, and real-time transactions. MicroStrategy Distribution Services enables organizations to deliver personalized reports, dashboards, and performance alerts to thousands of users. MicroStrategy Transaction Services allows individuals to take action on their business information anytime, anywhere.

Put the most powerful analytics platform to work for your business.