Cloud Analytics and Mobility

Deploy fast with AWS and Azure.

Put the advanced capabilities of MicroStrategy 2019 to work in a matter of minutes. The new MicroStrategy Cloud Console makes it easier than ever to launch fully configured analytics, mobility, and HyperIntelligence projects on AWS and Azure with just a few clicks. Save time, reduce costs, and realize results fast.

Powered by world-class partnerships.

We've partnered with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to deliver a modern cloud experience that lets you quickly put MicroStrategy 2019 into action. By deploying in AWS or Azure, you get instant access to the powerful services and applications offered by these leading cloud platforms. And the MicroStrategy Cloud Console makes launching and managing your environments and applications simple and painless.

Deploy in minutes.

Deploy fully configured enterprise environments in minutes and get value faster. Eliminate the need to download, install, or configure environments on your own. Choose from different instance types and sizes based on your budget and usage requirements.

MicroStrategy Cloud Console screen showing real time monitoring

Monitor in real time.

Easily monitor and manage the environment with real-time notifications, automation, and scheduling. Schedule actions such as starting, stopping, rebooting and resizing. Reduce costs by stopping your environments during non-peak hours.

MicroStrategy Cloud Console screen showing instant environment scalability

Scale as you go.

Seamlessly scale the environment up or down based on usage, without a long-term commitment. Start with small teams, add new users as you go, deploy multiple environments and projects when needed, and pay only for what you use.

Global availability

Benefit from distributed and redundant systems in multiple availability zones around the world. Deploy closer to your user base to reduce latency and enable faster response times. Use regional data centers to help ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

API-enabled operations

The MicroStrategy Cloud API provides unlimited flexibility for you to create customized workflows, so developers can build personalized user interfaces for deploying, managing, and automating cloud environments. It’s also easy to integrate with other automation tools, and the API works with any programming language.

Deploy into your existing VPC or VNet

Deploy, manage, upgrade, and resize your MicroStrategy on AWS or Azure environments within your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or Virtual Network (VNet) while still leveraging the powerful deployment and management tool. This gives you full control of your own AWS and Azure security settings.

Unrivaled cloud security.

Featuring built-in, multi-layer platform security, MicroStrategy meets or exceeds leading industry security standards and best practices. That’s on top of the best-in-class security standards of the AWS and Azure ecosystems.

Options to fit your business.

Choose from flexible licensing models that suit your unique requirements. Easily shift where you host environments across geographies and cloud providers, and back, without impacting your analytics investment.

Need additional help? Let us manage your environment for you.

We can deploy a MicroStrategy on AWS or Azure cloud environment for you. Our dedicated team of cloud experts can manage and maintain all your cloud environments. We monitor everything 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through a suite of system availability and health monitoring tools.

Quarterly Service Review

This captures major configurations of the MicroStrategy application, infrastructure performance, support case snapshots and statistics, and other KPIs to measure success with the platform.

Daily backups of metadata

Backups include operating system files and customer data stored within MicroStrategy on AWS. Files are stored for five days (additional retention can be extended as a line item add-on).


Key certifications: SOC2, HIPAA, PCIDSS, Privacy Shield, ISO27001

MicroStrategy on AWS Experts

We have Support, Cloud Operations, Technology, and AWS experts on-hand to help take care of your environment.

Monitoring and alerting

System KPIs are collected every 5 minutes, and alerted to a 24x7 MicroStrategy emergency response team.

Scheduled maintenance windows

These take care of operating system patching, security updates, and management of the AWS infrastructure.

Prefer another approach? Deploy to your cloud of choice.

MicroStrategy is also optimized to run on the world’s most popular cloud infrastructures.

Get started with the MicroStrategy Cloud today.

Easily deploy an entire MicroStrategy environment to your cloud infrastructure.