MicroStrategy on AWS

Deliver Instant Access to a Complete Enterprise Cloud Platform

Organizations of any size can now launch fully configured and ready-to-use enterprise analytics and mobility projects—all in less than 30 minutes. Administrators, for the first time, have total control of their environments, making it easy to start, stop, resize, and terminate as needed—ensuring access to the latest features and capabilities.

Why MicroStrategy on AWS

We've worked with Amazon Web Services to take care of the hard part, so you get access to a comprehensive analytics solution without sweating the details. With best-in-class security, performance, reliability, and support, your analytics is in good hands.

Instant deployment

Deploy fully configured enterprise environments in in just 30 minutes. Save time and money by eliminating the need to download, install, and configure environments on your own. Choose from different instance types and sizes based on your budget and usage requirements.

Manage and monitor

Dynamically start, stop, restart, and resize your environments with ease. Reduce costs by stopping or downsizing your environments during non-peak hours, and leverage key insights on usage to make informed decisions about when to scale up or down.

Seamless upgrades

With the general availability of any hotfix release, the latest version will be automatically available for administrators to automatically upgrade to the latest version—saving you significant time and resources.

Schedule tasks to save time and money

Schedule tasks at pre-set schedules to execute actions such as starting, stopping, rebooting and resizing the environment. These tasks can be scheduled during off-peak times so there’s minimal impact to daily routines.

Flexible and scalable

Scaling your MicroStrategy on AWS environment is quick and easy. Choose from 6 different instance size options ranging from 4 vCPU and 15.25 GiB, to 64 vCPU and 488 GiB of memory. Environments can be scaled on-demand or on a preset schedule based on usage patterns or data size. Add new users at any time, deploy multiple environments and projects as you see fit, and pay only for what you use.

Deploy into existing VPC

Deploy, manage, upgrade, and resize your MicroStrategy on AWS environments within your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), while still leveraging the powerful deployment and management tool. This gives you full control of your own AWS security settings.

API-enabled operations

The MicroStrategy on AWS API provides unlimited flexibility for organizations to create customized workflows. Developers can build personalized user interfaces for deploying, managing, and automating their cloud environments. It’s also easy to integrate with other automation tools, and the API works with any programming language. With the API you can launch multiple MicroStrategy instances with a single line of code, resize them as needed, and terminate them when they are no longer required.

Backed by Amazon Web Services

MicroStrategy on AWS is backed by the latest Amazon Web Services technology and leverages powerful AWS tools and services.

Amazon EC2 icon

Amazon EC2

AWS Elastic Beanstalk icon

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Lambda icon

AWS Lambda

Elastic Load Balancing icon

Elastic Load Balancing

Amazon RDS icon

Amazon RDS

Amazon RedShift icon

Amazon RedShift

Amazon Cloud Watch icon

Amazon Cloud Watch

Amazon Cloud Formation icon

Amazon Cloud Formation

Amazon Cloud Trail icon

Amazon Cloud Trail

Management Tools
Amazon SES icon

Amazon SES

Amazon SNS icon

Amazon SNS

Amazon SQS icon

Amazon SQS

Amazon EBS icon

Amazon EBS

Amazon EFS icon

Amazon EFS

Amazon S3 icon

Amazon S3

Amazon Route 53 icon

Amazon Route 53

Amazon VPC icon

Amazon VPC

AWS Direct Connect icon

AWS Direct Connect

AWS Step Functions icon

AWS Step Functions

AWS Code Deploy icon

AWS Code Deploy

IAM icon


Application, Developer, and Security tools

Need additional help? Let us manage your environment for you.

Want a more hands-off option? We can deploy a MicroStrategy on AWS environment for you. We have a dedicated team of cloud operations experts that manages, monitors, and maintains all customer cloud environments. All components of the MicroStrategy on AWS environment are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through a suite of system availability and health monitoring tools designed to notify our staff in the event of an issue.

Quarterly Service Review

This captures major configurations of the MicroStrategy application, infrastructure performance, support case snapshots and statistics, and other KPIs to measure success with the platform.

Daily backups of metadata

Backups include operating system files and customer data stored within MicroStrategy on AWS. Files are stored for five days (additional retention can be extended as a line item add-on).


Key certifications: SOC2, HIPAA, PCIDSS, Privacy Shield, ISO27001

MicroStrategy on AWS Experts

We have Support, Cloud Operations, Technology, and AWS experts on-hand to help take care of your environment.

Monitoring and alerting

System KPIs are collected every 5 minutes, and alerted to a 24x7 MicroStrategy emergency response team.

Scheduled maintenance windows

These take care of operating system patching, security updates, and management of the AWS infrastructure.

Get started with MicroStrategy on AWS today.

Easily deploy an entire MicroStrategy environment using your own AWS account. This is for any organization that wants more control and has the expertise to maintain and manage the environment independently.