Zero-Click Intelligence™ for everyone.

Hover over or tap on a highlighted area to view a HyperCard

HyperCards are a brand-new object available in MicroStrategy 2019 and a critical component of the HyperIntelligenceTM ecosystem. With cards, you can inject Zero-Click Intelligence – about customers, products, people, and more – directly onto words in the websites or apps people use every day.

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Bring expert insight into the flow.

Cards put expert knowledge in hands of users where they already work. Whether it’s Outlook, Salesforce.com, or even your favorite websites, cards let you simply mouse over highlighted words or phrases to bring up contextual information. Each card elegantly presents predefined KPIs – sourced securely from MicroStrategy.

Deploy fast.

With predefined templates and a simple drag-and-drop interface, MicroStrategy Workstation makes building and deploying cards fast and easy. Cards can be built on any new or existing cube in your MicroStrategy environment – regardless of where the data is sourced from.

Connect to data.

Instantly connect to 200+ data sources and combine data from multiple enterprise systems in a single card. Cards leverage access controls to ensure that users will only see data that corresponds to their unique permissions.


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Choose your design.

Tailor the look and feel of cards to match your brand. Select from a variety of out-of-the-box templates and KPI display options.

Push to users.

To access cards, end users simply download the extension from the Google Chrome Web Store. Once deployed, the extension automatically scans the content of every page they visit, underlines predefined keywords, and links cards to relevant terms.

Deploy your first HyperCard.

2 weeks. 3 new solutions. It’s all on us.