Dossiers and Dashboards

The next generation of business analytics.

Dossier makes powerful analytics available to anyone, regardless of skillset or role. Featuring a simplified, streamlined interface, dossiers compile data from across the organization in intuitive, interactive applications. They make it easy to navigate through reports and visualizations, share insights, and collaborate with colleagues with its familiar chapter and page structure. Dossiers are available through the MicroStrategy Library app, making it easy to find the information you need. Dossiers make analytics simple, interactive, and social—an ideal tool for the Intelligent Enterprise.

Analytics Without the Learning Curve

Modern Look and Feel

Dossiers sport a consistent, clean interface that provides fast access to key actions, more visualization options, and table of contents-style navigation. By removing clutter and presenting information in a way that anyone can instinctively understand, dossiers make analytics more accessible than ever.

Brand-new Authoring Tools

With dozens of native data connectors, powerful development tools, and prompts to select specific data, analysts can quickly create targeted dossiers that incorporate responsive design, visual filters, intuitive workflows, and sophisticated charts and grids. Data can be viewed as box plots, histograms, waterfalls, and more.

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Library of Apps

Business users can access dossier apps through a simple, personalized interface: the MicroStrategy Library™. This central hub lets users quickly locate the content they need by scanning thumbnail tiles or using our advanced search functionality to locate dossiers, objects, or specific visualizations. Available on the web and in a dedicated mobile app, the MicroStrategy Library puts answers in users’ hands, wherever they are.

Data discovery made easier.

Collaborate with ease

By supporting a range of collaboration features, dossiers make it even easier for teams to work together. Users can ask questions, highlight trends, or call attention to specific data points by commenting directly within the dossier interface. By tagging people in discussion threads, users can send notifications to colleagues to alert them when their attention is required. They can also share a link of their “view” of a dossier, including their current filter settings, to provide additional context.

Share insights

With multiple options for sharing, dossiers can accelerate the adoption of analytics throughout any organization. Analysts can easily share a link that gives other developers the ability to modify the app, or provide consumers with view-only links that let them add it to their MicroStrategy Library. Links can be shared via email, chat, or direct invite.

Discover with ease

With the intelligent dossier recommendation engine, users can discover more content based on their environment, selected content, and search history. This feature recommends relevant dossiers on the MicroStrategy Library app, MicroStrategy Desktop, and MicroStrategy Workstation, encouraging user engagement and exploration.

Present data for maximum impact

Dossiers offer both traditional and visual filters in a completely redesigned filtering interface that make it even easier to select and display data without cluttering the dashboard interface. Visualizations can function as filters but are tucked away in a hidden filter panel, freeing up limited screen real estate, while giving users superior control.