What’s New in MicroStrategy

The release of MicroStrategy 10 established a new standard for enterprise analytics, and our latest product updates build on this powerful platform. Discover the new features and enhancements that make it even easier to build and deploy transformative analytics and mobility applications.

10.8 Release

Easier to build Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and AI applications.

MicroStrategy has made it easier than ever before to get started with R analytics. With MicroStrategy 10.8, both R and the R Integration Pack are bundled and installed as part of the Server, so you can start using R analytics in addition to native data mining capabilities to build sophisticated applications.

10.8 Release

New Data Connector Gallery

A new public gallery of data connectors is now available to customers and partners on the MicroStrategy Community. The library currently hosts a variety of custom connectors including connections to Alation, OneDrive, Box, Weibo, MuleSoft, ElasticSearch, and more. Developers who build their own custom connectors using the MicroStrategy Data Connector SDK can share their work with others on the MicroStrategy Community.

10.8 Release

Usher: Auto-Discovery and Inbox

With version 10.8, Usher Professional users now have a toggle to dynamically display a location-based list of Usher badge users. This tool lets users who want to monitor activity, such as security guards, visualize the traffic of Usher badge users in their vicinity. Another new feature, the Usher Inbox, gives badge users the ability to read and respond to messages sent by Usher Professional administrators, as well as view a log of past messages.

Enterprise Cloud

MicroStrategy on AWS

Launch fully configured and ready-to-use enterprise analytics and mobility projects in the cloud, with full control. Leverage the new web based administrative console to start, stop, resize, and upgrade you projects as needed.

Learn more about MicroStrategy and AWS
10.7 Release

Build your own connectors with the Data Connector SDK.

With the new Data Connector SDK, organizations can use standard web technologies, including JavaScript and HTML, to build custom connectors that can access data from any source that is not natively supported by the MicroStrategy platform. This includes Eloqua, Amazon S3, OneDrive, and much more.

10.7 Release

Smart data discovery with natural language generation (NLG).

Leverage the power of NLG to automatically transform charts and graphs into text descriptions that provide context and written interpretations of visualizations. MicroStrategy 10.7 certifies integrations with Automated Insights and Narrative Science, so end users can take advantage of NLG, regardless of their technical skillset.

Integrated QR Scanner with Usher
10.7 Release

Read any barcode or QR code with Usher.

The Usher Security badge client’s integrated QR scanner can now read non-Usher barcodes and QR codes (e.g., Aztec Codes). The scanning transaction can be stored in the Usher Server and linked to the user performing the scan, the time of the scan, and the location at which the scan took place (if Location Services are enabled). The barcodes and QR codes supported are those compatible with Apple’s AVFoundation or Google’s ZXing. This will serve as a convenient means of documenting a transaction or linking an Usher user and another person or object at a certain moment in time using an identity-centric and location-aware approach.

10.6 Release

Distribution of interactive dashboards.

MicroStrategy 10.6 makes it easy to share dashboard files with end users. These proprietary dashboard files are formatted for offline interactivity using MicroStrategy Desktop and immediately put analytics in the hands of the recipient. Schedule the delivery based on time, event, or threshold, and extend enterprise data discovery capabilities to more end users.

10.6 Release

Revamped PDF export.

Generate highly formatted PDF dashboards with support for maps, D3 and other custom visualizations, and HTML-formatted content. The new PDF engine intelligently formats large grid reports and multi-sheet dashboards into separate pages and supports PDF bookmarks, making it easy to share and read information.

10.6 Release

New mapping capabilities.

The new map visualization supports both Google and ESRI-based maps and delivers a consistent set of features across Desktop, Web, and Mobile interfaces. Plot multiple layers of information on the same map using various graphic styles such as markers, bubbles, density maps, areas, polygons, and more.

3rd Party Application
JSON Data API RESTful Server

Intelligence Servers
Data Sources
10.5 Release

Support for RESTful API’s.

MicroStrategy offers native support for RESTful APIs and provides access to data via the MicroStrategy Server in JSON format. Version 10.5 delivers further enhancements for the RESTful API, including advanced filtering capabilities. This enables users to quickly and easily embed MicroStrategy data in third-party clients, custom applications, and websites.

10.4 Release

New Work Fencing capabilities.

Optimize the use of server resources, increase performance, and ensure the highest quality of service to everyone in your organization by dedicating computing power to support specific users, user groups, or tasks. Users will never have to experience slow response times, and you can ensure high-volume batch processing and scheduled tasks run without any delays.

10.3 Release

Leverage custom visualizations with ease.

Go beyond standard charts and graphcs with easy access to custom D3 visualizations and Google Charts. In Version 10.3, business users can browse our visualization gallery and instantly incorporate new visualizations into their dashboards.

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10.2 Release

Faster collaboration.

Keep the conversation going by overlaying comments and annotations on Desktop dashboards. Highlight key findings and trends and instantly share with colleagues.

10.2 Release

Create and manage subscriptions on the go.

Subscribe to reports and documents and manage those subscriptions directly from your mobile device. There’s no reason to wait until you’re back in the office.

10.2 Release

Rapid development with reusable document themes.

Capture the format and branding of any document, save it as a theme, and reuse its design elements across other MicroStrategy applications--greatly reducing the time and effort needed to create consistently branded analytics applications.

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10.1 Release

Extended data preparation.

Data wrangling is now supported across all big data, cloud, ODBC, social, BI, and local data sources. These powerful data preparation capabilities enable any business user to prepare their data directly without the need for IT involvement or the use of third-party ETL tools.

Release Notes


  • R and R Integration Pack, now available out of the box
  • Public library of data connectors
  • MicroStrategy on AWS
  • Embed images during Android app compilation
  • Usher Inbox


  • New Data Connector SDK
  • Integration with leading NLG tools
  • Improved Native Hadoop Gateway
  • Enhanced EMM Support for Android
  • Support for SHP files for custom shapes for maps on your iOS devices


  • Revamped PDF export engine with support for maps, custom visualizations and more
  • Unified map visualization with multiple layers
  • Subscription-based delivery of MicroStrategy files for offline data discovery
  • Secure Android apps with native Airwatch integration
  • SMS Badge Distribution with Usher Network Manager


  • New certifications and added support for more Enterprise Assets including OData
  • Native support for RESTful APIs to access data in JSON format
  • Improved custom visualization support on Mobile
  • Improved combination charts for Mobile
  • 2-way communication between Usher Security Administrator and a badge holder


  • New Work Fencing capabilities
  • Doubled server cluster capacity, up to eight nodes
  • Tell better stories with dynamic linking to external content
  • Increased connectivity to more big data drivers
  • Mobile user experience improvements for both Android and iOS.


  • New custom visualization properties pane
  • Drill to all levels of detail on a document while in Presentation Mode
  • Overhaul of the MicroStrategy platform installation process
  • ESRI maps supported in MicroStrategy Mobile on both iOS and Android devices
  • New search-based input controls
  • Easily cut, copy, paste, or duplicate entire panels within a document


  • Customize your homepage like never before
  • Quickly expand out-of-the-box visualization capabilities
  • Faster collaboration
  • Native mobile gestures with custom D3 visualizations
  • Create and manage subscriptions on the go
  • Optimized in-memory performance


  • General workflow and stability enhancements
  • Introduction of Presentation Mode for MicroStrategy Web
  • Support Data Wrangling for databases to extend wrangling to all sources
  • Run report from Server on MicroStrategy 10.1 Desktop
  • Calendar selector enhancements
  • Support Attribute Object Selector on Grid


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