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A vision for the ultimate data-driven organization.

In order to navigate, survive, and thrive in this increasingly complex landscape, forward-leaning companies are racing to transform into an Intelligent Enterprise – capable of using data, people, and enterprise assets in aggregated and unique ways that have previously never been possible. Organizations that reach this level of sophistication are positioned to be the dominant force of tomorrow.

Getting there requires the right tools and structure to balance traditionally counteractive forces—agility and governance, convenience and security, ease of use and enterprise functionality—all critical capabilities that the MicroStrategy platform is positioned to support with its unique intelligence architecture.

4 steps to start building your Intelligent Enterprise:

Evaluate the external pressures that are impacting your organization today.

Catalog all of your enterprise assets. Determine which data sources, systems, and capabilities would benefit different users and constituents.

Empower individuals and teams with access to powerful analytical tools, while establishing a foundation for a single version of the truth.

Begin your journey forward. Map out the people, processes, and architecture needed to solve your most complex business challenges. Deploy, build, launch, and evolve your intelligent applications as you advance on your journey.

Success for our customers exists at the intersection of three fundamentals: technology, technique, and experience… with our technology and experience, we can help everyone achieve the vision of the intelligent enterprise. — Michael Saylor, World 2018 keynote
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A blueprint for success.

To help guide organizations on their journey towards data-driven transformation, we have developed a comprehensive Map of the Intelligent Enterprise. The Map lays out how organizations can leverage all of their assets to be successful while navigating external pressures.

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External forces
Enterprise Assets
Intelligence Platform
Intelligence Program
Intelligence Architecture
Intelligence Center
Intelligence Applications
External forces

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