Solution Talks at World 2019

New to World this year, Solution Talks provide conference attendees with a great opportunity to meet one-on-one with one of our executives to learn how numerous departments in MicroStrategy use our platform. Have an interactive discussion, collaborate over strategies to apply a data-driven approach to your department, and get detailed answers to any questions you may have.

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Topics for Solution Talks


Many finance organizations struggle with their role and perception as data stewards. Today, the best finance organizations democratize data, partner with the business, and promote transparency throughout the entire organization. Meet with one of our finance executives to learn how we have addressed these challenges in our organization and obtain ideas on how you can implement these practices in your own company.

Human Resources

To compete in today’s environment, HR organizations must aggressively attract new talent by employing sophisticated recruiting tools and offering competitive compensation and benefits packages. They must focus on retaining top performers and guide them towards key leadership roles in the future. Meet with one of our HR executives to learn how we have leveraged our own platform to embrace a data-driven approach to hiring, talent development, organization health, and employee wellness.

Information Technology

Information Technology groups are the engines that sustain organizational success. They ensure that systems, databases, and core enterprise applications are fully optimized. Meet with one of our IT executives to learn how we leverage our own platform to deliver high-performance applications and drive plans for future initiatives.


Today, marketers have more tools and data at their fingertips than ever before. Despite the new opportunities these create however, marketing leaders still need to understand the impact of their efforts and constantly adapt to drive performance. Meet with one of our marketing executives to learn which tools and frameworks we have implemented to ensure data-driven decision making that helps us reach our target audience.


In today's highly competitive sales environment, it’s imperative that sales leadership teams have the right tools in place to optimize operations, maximize performance, understand their customers, and increase the productivity and effectiveness of their sales reps. Meet with one of our sales executives to learn how we have leveraged our own platform to enable salespeople to go beyond traditional tasks and function as a driving force for financial profitability as well as customer success.


Regardless of the service your company offers, your goal is to ensure your customers’ success while strengthening your relationship with them. Meet with one of our executives from education, consulting, or customer success to learn how their teams use our platform to provide personalized support to our customers and partners, helping them harness the full potential of their MicroStrategy investment.

Jeremy Price

Senior Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis

Headshot of Rich Cober Headshot of Joty Paparello

Rich Cober

MicroStrategy Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Joty Paparello

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources

Headshot of Ferny Benghali

Ferny Bengali

Vice President, Applications

Headshot of Elizabeth Clor

Elizabeth Clor

Vice President, Demand Generation

Mark Skelton

Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing Operations

Headshot of Rohit Amba Headshot of Kim Bishop Headshot of Brandon Britton

Rohit Amba

Sr. Vice President, Education

Kimberly Bishop

Vice President, Customer Success Management

Brandon Britton

Vice President, Service Sales Operations

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