MicroStrategy Datathon 2018

Test your skills, build an innovative solution, and win big!

All team members must be registered to attend World 2018 or Datathon only.

All entries due January 14, 2018

Datathon 2018 is a friendly competition during the first two days of the World 2018 conference in Las Vegas, from January 15th – 16th. This event is open to anyone who loves data, regardless of skill level or experience. Register for this fun event individually or with a team and take the opportunity to compete using the MicroStrategy platform and create an innovative solution.

New to MicroStrategy? No worries! You’ll have all the help you need, with a panel of experts aiding you throughout.

The winning team will win a grand prize of US$10,000.

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How to Participate

The competition is open to individuals and teams. To participate, please complete the registration form by January 14th. All submissions will be reviewed, and applicants will be notified of approval to compete in the Datathon no later than January 15th, 2018.


  • January 14th: Registration Deadline
  • January 15th: Datathon Kickoff at 9am
  • January 16th: Complete submission must be in by 6pm.
  • January 17th: Winner announced during the keynote


Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Originality/Innovation
  • Business Value
  • Technical Complexity
  • UX Design

Want to Just Attend the Datathon?

We are offering a special rate for contestants that would like to attend the Datathon only, but forego access to the complete World 2018 conference.

  • Free for students to attend datathon only (can not access the rest of the conference)
  • $200 to attend datathon only (can not access the rest of the conference)
  • Limited to first 150 registrations

Allowed Resources

Participants can submit applications built using MicroStrategy platform capabilities. Teams can leverage any of the following platform components to build their own unique, innovative solutions, and will have training resources and plenty of help from MicroStrategy professionals. Teams can use third-party and existing applications that integrate with MicroStrategy, as long as the finished solution is built on top of the MicroStrategy environment provided at the event.

  • Rest APIs
  • Visualization SDK
  • Data Connector SDK
  • Mobile Applications
  • Transaction Services
  • Predictive Models
  • Real-Time Visualizations
  • Usher
  • Dossier and Workstation Functionalities
  • And much more!


  • Individuals or teams will need to build their applications on the MicroStrategy environment provided at the event at 9 AM PST.
  • Teams need to document the source of developments and enhancements/improvements they make to the reused development.
  • What can you build? Anything! Bring your own dataset and build an interactive dossier, or use the APIs to integrate with third-party applications and build a custom business app, design a mobile productivity app, or build a mind-boggling advanced analytics and predictive application. It’s all up to you! But at the end, it’s a friendly competition to learn and have fun!
  • Individuals or teams will be granted one day to prepare their server ahead of the datathon and can request to leverage a VPN connection to on-premise data, install of specific SDK, etc., a day ahead of the event.
  • Participants can use third-party applications and existing developments that integrate with MicroStrategy, as long as the finished solution is built on top of MicroStrategy environment provided at the event.

Fine Print

Void where restricted or prohibited by law. Open to entrants above the legal age of majority in your applicable jurisdiction (with a minimum of 18 years) as of the date of entry other than Sponsor employees and certain other affiliated persons and “Government Officials”. Begins 9:00 AM PT on 1/15/18; ends 6:00 PM PT on 1/16/18. Full rules: available here. Sponsor: MicroStrategy Incorporated.

I don’t have a team. Can I enter as an individual?
Of course! But if you’d like to find potential team members, we have a central place where you can do that. Please visit the Datathon community site.
I don’t think I have the skills to compete. Should I participate?
Yes, you should still compete! We will have specialists present to help you and access to all the necessary training resources. A good idea is more important than a lot of technical knowledge! Plus, the MicroStrategy platform is broad—there are so many ways to build creative solutions. At the end of it all, it’s a really friendly competition.
I’m new to MicroStrategy. Does that matter?
There are many training materials and resources available. Plus, we’ll have numerous MicroStrategists walking around and even a “genius bar” to help you build your solution.
Do I have to build the solution on the environment you provide?
Yes! Teams or individuals will be granted access to a MicroStrategy cloud environment, which will be available Monday morning through Tuesday night. You can build out your solutions between 9 AM on Monday morning (January 15th) until Tuesday evening at 6 PM PST (January 16th).
Can I work overnight?
Will I be confined to the Datathon conference room?
No. Teams will be granted access to a cloud environment that can be accessed from anywhere. Participants are free to go to sessions on Tuesday (January 16th) and work the night before if they choose. You can even work during the sessions ;) Whatever works for you, works for us.
Can I have help from remote team members?
If you’re participating as a team, all team members must be registered for Datathon 2018 or World 2018 and in attendance at the event.
I have a very specific use case that would require R formulas; I’m afraid I don’t know how that works with MicroStrategy?
Don’t worry, we will have specialists in various areas (Big Data, SDK, API, advanced analytics, IoT, visualizations, data modelling, graphic design, etc.) who will be available to help you build your solutions.
Can I gain access to the Datathon cloud environment before the event?
Yes, we will designate a day prior to the event for all teams to configure and test connections and third-party installs. We understand you would not like to do things like open ports and configure VPN during the event.
Can I reuse existing developments or do I need to build everything from scratch?
Yes, you can reuse existing components—as long you build this on the environment we provide. We just ask you to be open and honest about things you have reused. We will also assess the work done and check the likelihood you did all of this work with the maximum of 5 people.
I get cold easily and am afraid the room will be too cold as the event is in the winter.
That’s okay! We will provide hoodies to the first 150 participants to keep you warm.

Test your skills, build an innovative solution, and win big!

Gather your team before January 14, 2018