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7 of the top 10 global retailers rely on us for analytics.


MicroStrategy provides powerful analytics, mobility, and security solutions that transform how retailers do business. From store operations, to customer engagement, merchandising, and financial analysis, MicroStrategy applications help retailers conquer their toughest business challenges. Download the "Digital Transformation of Retail" guide to learn how.

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Analytics doesn’t start and stop on the retail floor.

Corporate Headquarters

Corporate Headquarters

Customer Insight Analysis

Use powerful analytics to understand how to better serve and engage with customers, build brand loyalty, and drive revenue growth.

Merchandising Optimization

Use robust analytics to proactively adjust product assortments, inventory levels, and pricing strategies to increase profitability.

Financial Analysis

Streamline reporting processes and analyze performance data to improve profitability of merchandise, customers, and operations.

Promotional Analysis and Planning

Use real-time analytics to optimize promotions and adjust campaigns to increase effectiveness.

Loss Prevention

Leverage exception-based reporting and predictive analytics to monitor, detect, and take action against inventory loss from fraud, employee error, and theft.

Supply Chain Management

Minimize delays, reduce inefficiencies, and maximize profit margins with real-time visibility into supply chain operations.



Provide vendors with timely, valuable business insight to boost collaboration, drive performance improvement, and strengthen negotiations.

Distribution Centers

Distribution Centers

Equip distribution center supervisors with apps that streamline warehouse operations and better engage with employees.

Customer Engagement

Equip in-store sales associates with apps that provide access to information needed to consistently deliver superior, personalized customer service.

Sales Productivity

Boost sales productivity with apps that provide associates instant access to training materials, product information, sales performance data, and more.

Store Inspection

Streamline store inspection and auditing with apps that enable mobile, on-site data entry and fast information sharing.

Store Operations

Empower store managers to make better, faster decisions with apps that provide instant access to vital sales, inventory, and store performance data.

Employee Badge

Improve employee timekeeping and upgrade to digital clock-ins by replacing physical employee badges with a location-aware smartphone app.

Loyalty Badge

Replace physical loyalty cards with a digital smartphone app that delivers a more personalized experience to every customer, such as location-based marketing, promotions, and live ticketing.



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