Start Your Mobile Pilot

Leverage MicroStrategy Consulting to Accelerate and Simplify Your Mobile Application Design and Development

During the Mobile Start Up, we provide a team of experts equipped with our proven methodology and enterprise platform expertise to analyze your most pressing business challenges and design the optimal mobile solution to address your needs. We conduct best practice workshops to design a user-centric pilot, and rapidly develop an ideal solution that utilizes the robust suite of MicroStrategy features, capabilities, and services to power your enterprise single version of truth. Our Mobile Start Up engagement delivers:

  • Customized user-centric future state pilot with tailored deployment recommendations based on validated requirements that align business and IT needs
  • Optimized pilot solution schema model leveraging your enterprise single version of truth
  • Facilitated collaborative mobile application design, prototyping, and knowledge transfer workshops to increase user adoption and accelerate your time-to-value

Let us help you mobilize your information systems, business processes, or web applications today.

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