The Hyper Challenge

Want to put HyperIntelligence to the test for yourself? Take the Hyper Challenge! All it takes is Google Chrome and the MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence Chrome extension.

What is HyperIntelligence?

HyperIntelligence is a completely new class of application that delivers Zero-Click Intelligence™ to websites, applications, and devices that we use on a daily basis.

But just how big of an impact is it making? The results of recent usability testing indicate that it has the potential to drive huge gains in productivity—in fact, users found information up to 2X faster with HyperIntelligence when compared to locating information in a spreadsheet.*

*All given data based on results from an independent, third party testing software.

It’s easy to get set up—less than a minute, we promise!

All you have to do is:

1) Install the Chrome extension. Return to this tab when you’re done to continue with step two.

2) Click on the MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence icon in your address bar, turn on the Companies card, and refresh this page.

3) Hover over Netflix—you should see a card pop up.

Now that you’re all set up, let the challenge begin!

Your task is to find three different pieces of information about major, publicly traded companies. For reference, it took the average person over 3 minutes to find the same information in a traditional spreadsheet during our usability testing.

When you’re ready to begin the challenge, click the button below to start the timer and then identify the three pieces of information listed below (hint: we’ve turned off HyperIntelligence functionality on this page, so head over to Google)—be sure to hit pause on the timer when you’re finished to lock in your time!

Start the timer
  1. Identify the stock ticker for Allstate.
  2. What is the revenue for Colgate-Palmolive Company?
  3. How many people work at AT&T?

Pretty easy, right?

The best part is that HyperIntelligence works across all web content. Cards put expert knowledge in hands of users where they already work. Whether it’s Outlook,, or your favorite websites, cards let you simply mouse over highlighted words or phrases to bring up contextual information.

Be sure to tweet your results and encourage your friends and co-workers to give the Hyper Challenge a try for themselves!

What's next?

See how HyperIntelligence, along with the MicroStrategy 2019 platform, can transform your organization. With our free pilot engagement, our experts will build three intelligence applications that can change how you run your business within weeks. Are you ready to experience MicroStrategy 2019?

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