The Intelligent Enterprise starts with you.


Ready to put your data to work? MicroStrategy Desktop delivers everything you need to access, visualize, and analyze your data, for free. No license keys. No trial version. Just fast, flexible self-service analytics to help you maximize the impact of your data, while laying the groundwork for a data-driven future.

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Take analytics into your own hands.

MicroStrategy Desktop is a powerful data discovery tool that lets you explore data and answer questions on your own. With an intuitive toolset and built-in templates, MicroStrategy Desktop makes it easy to build compelling visualizations and interactive dossiers in a matter of minutes. It’s powerful analytics, designed for the individual business user. By giving you the ability to build dossiers, we make it easy to organize your dashboards, reports, and visualizations into an intuitive chapter and page structure that helps you use data to tell better stories.

What sets us apart.

MicroStrategy Desktop delivers a complete set of analytics capabilities that goes above and beyond other data discovery tools. And it’s free forever.


Access to powerful data discovery with 70+ connectors and built-in data preparation with MicroStrategy Desktop.


Basic support package that includes email and telephone support, as well as product updates and community access.


Five free full-day hands-on classes through our Jump Start program.


Access to the discussion forum, dashboard gallery, and more on the MicroStrategy Community.

Analytics built for business

Connect to 70+ data sources.

MicroStrategy makes it quick and easy to tap into, blend together, and visualize data of all kinds. From personal spreadsheets and cloud-based data sources like Facebook and Salesforce, to Hadoop and other big data sources, MicroStrategy Desktop can handle it.

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Clean up data with ease.

Easily clean and modify your uploaded data - without data source limitations - with built-in data preparation and parsing capabilities. MicroStrategy Desktop offers an extensive set of data transformation functions that make preparing data for analysis simple and intuitive.

Build compelling business dashboards, fast.

MicroStrategy Desktop is built from the ground up with ease of use in mind. Out-of-the-box templates, advanced formatting controls, and the ability to integrate with 3rd-party visualization galleries, make building beautiful, insightful dashboards easier than ever before.

Adavanced Analytics

Go further with advanced analytics.

Our advanced analytics capabilities let you fully harness the power of your historic data to make better, more informed decisions. MicroStrategy Desktop comes with over 350 out-of-the-box analytical functions, data mining algorithms, predictive models, and the ability to easily integrate with 3rd-party statistical programs like R.

Expand your capabilities.

Want to take data discovery to the next level? The MicroStrategy analytics platform has all the features of MicroStrategy Desktop plus much more. The enterprise platform supports both web and mobile apps and comes with a suite of tools for easy administration, a centralized metadata layer, scalable in-memory technology, and uncompromising enterprise security.

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