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MicroStrategy Analytics Express is a Software-as-a-Service solution that enables business users to publish and share analytics. With Analytics Express you can easily build branded mobile apps in hours with beautiful data visualizations, pixel-perfect® dashboards, and personalized data.

Collaborating and sharing data with your team or your organization has never been easier. Try it yourself and discover how easy mobile analytics can be.

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It’s never been easier to access and analyze data from a variety of sources.


Explore your data and discover hidden insights in minutes using dozens of beautiful, intuitive visualizations.


Design mobile app interfaces without writing any code. Take boardroom-quality reports and dashboards to go.


Convenient and secure options to share or deliver your dashboards and collaborate with others.





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30-day Free Evaluation Edition

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Service type

Software-as-a-Service On-premises or in the cloud, on Amazon Web Services, or contact us for free evaluation.

Number of users

Unlimited Unlimited


Free email and phone support. Free access to online training, forum and knowledge base. Free e-mail support during trial. Free access to online training, forum, and knowledge base.

Data sources (hosted or on-premises)

Excel spreadsheets, CSV files


Relational databases


MapReduce databases


Columnar databases


Multi-dimensional databases


Salesforce schema


Salesforce reports


SaaS-based applications (e.g. Facebook, NetSuite, SugarCRM, Eloqua, and Zendesk)


Enterprise information integration (EII) or federated data sources


Operational databases, supporting ERP, CRM, SCM, and web applications


Dropbox, Google Drive connector


Analytics tools

Visual data discovery (Visual Insight™)


Visual query builder tool


Interactive dashboards


Pixel Perfect™ reports & dashboards


MicroStrategy Mobile access


MicroStrategy Mobile app development


Extensive dashboard widgets


Advanced analytics


Predictive analytics


R integration


Transaction Services (web & mobile)


MicroStrategy Developer


MicroStrategy SDK


Microsoft Office integration


Security, sharing, and administration

E-mail distribution


Export as spreadsheet, PDF, flash, and images


Secure user authentication


Single-sign-on option


Dashboard embedding for web pages and intranet


User & user group management


Row level security for data


Access control assignment on individual dashboards


Data filtering based on user


Scheduled distribution


Distribution to servers


Event triggered report distributions and alerts


Integrated metadata layer and architecture


Enterprise monitoring


Administration tools for task automation, data validation, object management, and more


Access modes

Web browser










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System requirements »

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What is MicroStrategy Analytics Express?

MicroStrategy Analytics Express is a fast, effortless and beautiful way to explore data and share insights in the cloud. It is a self-service business analytics solution designed to help people analyze data on their own and without expert assistance. Delivered as Software-as-a-Service, Analytics Express lets you access data instantly and securely without complex scripting, explore your information using beautiful data visualizations, design boardroom-quality documents, deliver personalized data to thousands of recipients, create custom interfaces for publishing data to mobile users, and much more.

Try it yourself and discover how easy business analytics can be.

Who should use MicroStrategy Analytics Express?

Analytics Express is designed for business people who need to visualize, analyze and deliver data on their own but lack the necessary tools, technical experience, or IT resources. The application is also ideal for IT organizations to empower their end users with user-friendly yet powerful analytical tools, and eliminate the burden of constantly developing reports. Companies looking to deploy high-volume information-delivery applications will also benefit from Analytics Express push capabilities, optimized to deliver personalized documents to thousands of recipients.

Do I need any special training to use MicroStrategy Analytics Express?

No special training or experience is required to use Analytics Express. With Analytics Express, you may create your own interactive dashboards in minutes without any specialized training. Readily available powerful visualization templates will help you easily discover patterns, trends and relationships that are otherwise difficult to find. You may also schedule automated email deliveries of your dashboards, as easily as if you were sending an email. Helpful videos guide users through every product feature for a "zero manual" experience.

What can I do with MicroStrategy Analytics Express?

Analytics Express is a self-service solution built on MicroStrategy's world-class cloud infrastructure. In just a few easy steps, you may connect to your data from anywhere, effortlessly discover insights hidden in your data using interactive dashboards, and then publish and share those insights with anyone.

Access Analytics Express from anywhere using an internet browser or an iPad. Build dashboards by choosing from a wide range of interactive visualizations. You can drag and drop your data to customize your view, sort, pivot, drill and use aggregations to apply statistical analysis.

Share your reports and dashboards with any size audience by scheduling automated and personalized email deliveries, all with a just a few clicks. Use your iPad to analyze your data, highlight problem areas, and insert notes you can share with colleagues for a true collaborative experience.

Create teams and invite colleagues for secure sharing and collaboration. You decide who gets invited. Design custom interfaces for a brilliant navigation experience on mobile devices.

How is MicroStrategy Analytics Express different from MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise?

Analytics Express is a cloud based version of MicroStrategy that delivers many of the features available in the Enterprise edition, including the ability to access different data sources, explore information visually, and share insights with others. Analytics Express is a Software-as-a-Service solution, so there is no software to download or install.

For a detailed comparison of MicroStrategy Analytics editions, please refer to our features comparison table.

How Is MicroStrategy Analytics Express different from MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop?

Analytics Desktop is an on-premises solution that delivers a subset of the features of Analytics Express, primarily data import and data visualization capabilities. Analytics Express is a cloud-based solution and supports additional data sources, pixel-perfect document editing tools, and enhanced sharing capabilities. For a detailed comparison of MicroStrategy Analytics editions, please refer to our features comparison table.

What systems and data sources can I access with MicroStrategy Analytics Express?

Analytics Express can connect to a number of database systems located on-premises or in the cloud. You may also upload Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or CSV files directly from your computer or from an online source such as Google Drive or Dropbox. You may securely access your Salesforce.com data from within Analytics Express and select any existing Salesforce.com report you wish to analyze.

Please refer to our features comparison table for a full list of supported data sources.

Can I Combine Data From Different Data Sources Using MicroStrategy Analytics Express?

Analytics Express allows you to combine data from different sources. Users can upload, blend and analyze data from multiple sources on a single dashboard to gain even better insights.

How much data can each user import?

Each user will have 1 GB of in-memory cube space. Data imported into Analytics Express are stored as in-memory cubes on our servers to facilitate faster response times and optimize performance. These cube sizes are dependent on both the amount and types of data being pulled in and are not necessarily equivalent to the actual file size of the data.

Can I increase the limit of data storage available?

Other usage models are available for Analytics Express. Contact us to find out what is the best option for your needs.

How can MicroStrategy Analytics Express connect to my on-premises databases?

Analytics Express has built-in drivers to connect to a large list of databases with just IP and user login information. If the database is behind a firewall, an optional VPN tunnel can be setup for the connection. Contact us for more information.

How is my data protected?

MicroStrategy is committed to the security of customer data. We understand that security encompasses Personnel, Processes and Tools and have leveraged control best practices from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). Ask about our support for secure connectivity (SSL, VPN, SSH, etc.) and let us deliver an environment with world class technology and well trained personnel.

For more details, please consult our Analytics Express security white paper.

Can I share my content with others using MicroStrategy Analytics Express?

Yes. In Analytics Express you control how your dashboards are consumed. You have the ability to invite users to your team to view, modify, or control dashboards, and you also have the option to deliver dashboards via e-mail to other users.

Will help be available if I need it?

In-product quick tips and help videos will guide users through every product feature. A user guide is also available, and you can ask questions in our discussion forum.

Can I view my dashboards on a mobile device?

Yes, just install the latest version of the free MicroStrategy Mobile App on your iPad to view your dashboards. Use the MicroStrategy Mobile App to access and interact with your dashboards, highlight specific areas in your visualizations, add comments, and share with colleagues. For the best experience, use iOS version 4.3.3 or newer.

What are the hardware and software requirements for MicroStrategy Analytics Express?

Because Analytics Express is delivered via the cloud, all you need is a web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed. If you want to view dashboards using your iPad, download the free MicroStrategy Mobile App from the iTunes App Store. For the best experience, use iOS version 4.3.3 or newer.

Supported web browsers:

Windows users: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 13+, Chrome 20+

Apple users: Safari 5.1+, Firefox 13+, Chrome 20+

Can I upgrade to MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise after using Analytics Express?

Yes. We can help you migrate your Analytics Express content to your Analytics Enterprise environment. Contact us at info@microstrategy.com or 888.537.8135 to inquire about migration options.

What if I want to try MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise?

If you are interested in starting a trial of MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise, please click here for more information.

What if I have more questions that are not answered here?

We encourage you to post your questions to the Analytics Express discussion forum. Your user account grants you access to post new messages and read replies from other users.

You may also contact us at info@microstrategy.com or call us at 888.537.8135 for more information.

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