Why use Vitara and MicroStrategy?

Visual data discovery has become the hallmark of modern Business Intelligence the age of "autonomous BI creation" and the transition of the business user to the content generator. Vitara has focused on enhancing this end user experience and providing easy to use custom visualizations packaged in a simple plug and play addition to MicroStrategy.

Although MicroStrategy has opened its API to create custom visualizations by integrating with third party libraries like D3,GoogleCharts etc it still requires the use of specialized coding skills often lacking in business users. Most users also tend to use the open source D3 visualizations for MicroStrategy which are not supported. In addition even for IT users , maintaining custom code becomes expensive and time consuming slowing down upgrades and leading to dissatisfaction. 

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Overview of Main Widgets

In addition to MicroStrategy’s visualization library, plug into VitaraCharts to get dozens of new visualizations including HighCharts, D3 js, GoogleCharts, and more. All charts are intuitive and easy to customize, all without coding or SDK.

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Retail Analysis with a Grid Visualization

See how to take standard grid visualizations to the next level with MicroStrategy.

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The Calendar Widget

VitaraCharts adds 20+ stunning new visuals to the MicroStrategy visualization library including Waffle and Mekko Charts with the ability to view changes in data over time with the Play Axis feature. 

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VitaraCharts Testimonial

Interview with Vitara CEO on the VitaraCharts product and how it integrates with MicroStrategy.

About Vitara

Vitara was founded by professionals with deep backgrounds in healthcare, retail, and financial services across North America. As an analytics company, Vitara focuses on delivering rapid time to value with pre-built solutions and value added services on the MicroStrategy platform.

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Regions of Business

  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America

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