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Why use Data Meaning and MicroStrategy?

Data Meaning is a boutique consultancy that delivers end-to-end business intelligence solutions with a keen eye on visual design and a focus on intuitive user experiences. Our team leverages data and technology with MicroStrategy to create unique solutions to our clients' biggest challenges.

Our expertise ranges from the creation of a new data warehouse, to developing innovative mobile applications. We lead the industry in design, customization, and training, with award-winning dashboards and applications that provide new insights into business data and endless opportunities for discovery.

Learn more about Data Meaning and MicroStrategy solutions.

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How to Integrate MicroStrategy with R Predictive Analytics

Learn how to build a Cox Regression Survival Model in R to calculate a customer’s probability to Churn by leveraging R and MicroStrategy together.

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Altruista Health Customer Testimonial

Watch and learn how MicroStrategy partner Data Meaning worked together to provide faster reports for a health care customer.

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Hospitality Solution

Data Meaning Services Group Inc. shares its successes with building and designing business intelligence dashboards for the hospitality industry.

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Brand Performance Management Tool

Data Meaning Services Group Inc. shares its success with designing a brand performance management tool for the hospitality industry.

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Voxy Inc. Customer Testimonial

Watch and learn how MicroStrategy and Data Meaning worked together to assist one of our online education customers

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PERI Application

Learn about one of the MicroStrategy partner solutions PERI; an application to help you visualize every location in your portfolio.

About Data Meaning

Data Meaning is a modern company made up of professional, technical experts who approach clients with a personal, friendly, and accessible touch. They deliver compelling solutions to clients and deftly unlock the puzzles of their complex challenges. Data Meaning is constantly transforming and evolving as a company, expanding their focus beyond business intelligence to serve additional markets.

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  • Big Data
  • Embedded Analytics

Regions of Business

  • Latin America
  • North America

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