Road Scholar uses MicroStrategy to improve their program offerings and boost operational efficiency, turning large volumes of program and marketing data into valuable business insight. Below are a few highlights of what they have been able to accomplish with MicroStrategy just two years into their business intelligence journey.

Predict Future Trends

Analyzing historical data has helped Road Scholar identify meaningful trends, allowing them to better prepare for future spikes and drop-offs in program enrollment. For example, if they notice a recurring drop in signups each year during a certain month, they can take targeted corrective action by pushing tailored marketing materials to encourage enrollment.

Tailor Program Offerings

Road Scholar offers a wide variety of programs with different durations, group sizes, activities, and locations. They use enrollment, retention, and call center data to analyze the popularity and success of each of their programs, and have dashboards that help Road Scholar employees figure out what types of programs they should focus on building out, and which they should begin to phase out.

Increase Enrollment

Advanced analytics has helped Road Scholar reduce costs while still providing a top-notch educational experience for participants. Looking at past enrollment data, Road Scholar can predict future enrollment trends and budget accordingly. Road Scholar also uses business intelligence to determine the viability of various marketing activities, tracing program signups back to the distribution of catalogs, brochures, emails, and other promotional materials.