3M Health Informations Systems experienced this challenge first-hand. But after working with MicroStrategy, they’ve mastered the art of enterprise data discovery. Now, it’s easier than ever for users to explore and analyze their data, and this has transformed the way that 3M thinks about enterprise analytics – leading to better medical and business decisions.

The Power of Governed Data Discovery

Before MicroStrategy, 3M clients spent far too much time building reports that, in the end, couldn’t accurately depict performance or display trends over time. Users were constantly stalled out with error messages and system crashes, and were frequently frustrated trying to navigate the massive data warehouse.

But with MicroStrategy, 3M was able to quickly roll out governed data discovery. This allowed them to arm users with optimized, pre-set dashboards that gave them the flexibility to manipulate data in a controlled environment. These dashboards ensured that the data being analyzed by users made sense for a specific need — helping to boost efficiency and reduce time wasted building out dead-end dashboards.

With Great Design Comes Strong Adoption

As with any new enterprise initiative, widespread user adoption is critical to success. MicroStrategy’s powerful analytics capabilities coupled with carefully designed visualizations, helped drive user adoption to the next level at 3M.

Meaningful visualizations identify trends over time, and small details such as visual, threshold-based KPIs that identify whether or not goals are being met, made a big difference when it came to accessibility and user adoption. With MicroStrategy, users can easily pinpoint which locations are struggling, which physicians aren't performing as expected, and what changes need to be made to get back on track. Once users experienced the power of the MicroStrategy platform, there was simply no turning back.