There’s no arguing that data is becoming increasingly important to businesses. In fact, according to Baseline Magazine, a Fortune 1000 company can expect nearly $66M in additional net income from just a 10% increase in data accessibility. 

We wrote earlier about our Symposium Series and what you can expect to see at these events. Starting in July, we are launching the next set of 20 events across Asia, Europe, and North America. These events offer both business users and IT professionals the opportunity to network, participate in workshops, and hear from leaders who work on the cutting-edge of big data, mobile app development, dashboard design, and security.  

Our symposia events in July will be focused on big data analytics, mobile applications, and industry solutions in retail, financial services, and a variety of other industries. Attendees will be able to learn from their peers, get a glimpse into how leading organizations are using MicroStrategy, and get practical training on the latest updates to MicroStrategy 10. Speakers at these events will include MicroStrategy executives and companies such as Coach, DFW Airport, and Staples.