Thanks to the MicroStrategy Academic Program, university instructors around the world have access to free analytics software and a wide range of resources to help them develop course material. By providing educators with the same technology used by many of the world’s leading businesses, students can gain a deeper understanding of their world while picking up practical workplace skills.

Making MicroStrategy Desktop free was another key step in our educational mission. We’ve been thrilled to see schools around the world embrace it. We're also excited about the academic applications of MicroStrategy on AWS, our new offering that delivers the full MicroStrategy platform on the AWS cloud and comes with a free 30-day trial. These options give academic institutions access to enterprise-grade analytics and mobility software at absolutely no cost. 

We've also put together training material that's available for students and faculty, including hour-long workshops, exercises based on MicroStrategy Desktop, and tutorials covering topics such as data preparation, data visualization with D3, predictive analytics, and R. Beyond that, we’ve recorded and uploaded videos of all five days of our Jump Start classes, including sessions on data discovery, enterprise applications, advanced reporting, enterprise mobility, and digital identity.