As you may know, over the past few months we’ve been focused on making it as easy as possible for people to get started with analytics or for organizations to expand their BI teams. We made MicroStrategy Desktop, our powerful data discovery tool, free for everyone and currently offer a week of free training through our wildly popular Jump Start program. 

MicroStrategy 10.6 continues in this spirit by making it easier than ever for teams to share dashboard files. With version 10.6, administrators can mass-distribute dashboard files, in the .mstr file format, to groups of business users. These files can be opened in MicroStrategy Desktop and provide end users with a fully interactive dashboard that’s prime for offline use. Administrators can schedule the delivery of these files based on time, event, or threshold criteria, and ensure that users have the answers they need, when they need them.

Version 10.6 also takes mapping to the next level. Featuring enhanced capabilities that let users plot multiple layers of data on a single visualization, this release supports consistent functionality for Google and ESRI-based maps across every interface—MicroStrategy Web, Mobile, and Desktop.