Since that time, we’ve waited years for the next (or the first) films in the series, and if you’ve seen them all, you probably have a personal favorite. But is the Star Wars movie that’s number one in your heart also a number one box office, IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes performer? Find out, you will….

Click here to open the MicroStrategy Demo Library, where you can access a variety of publicly available demo dossiers including the Star Wars movie performance dossier. Once you open the dossier, you can use the table of contents icon in the top left navigation to view:

  • Box office performance for each of the films, including opening weekend and gross earnings versus movie budget
  • Rating and review data for IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, plus a comparative analysis to see if sentiment trends the same on both

As the Star Wars saga continues, we’ll continue to track our old and new favorites. May the force be with you, fellow fans.