We love seeing all the unique ways our community members use MicroStrategy Desktop in the workplace and beyond. That’s why we were so impressed with this dashboard from user Christopher Zinsou. Global warming has been in the news for years, and it’s made an increasing number of headlines recently. Considering the varying opinions on the issue and its global relevance, Zinsou wanted to let the data on global warming speak for itself.

He downloaded data from the Met Office Hadley Centre for Climate Science and Services that contains data on monthly average air and sea temperatures since 1850. Color design plays a critical role in Chris’s dashboard to highlight trends—using blue to represent colder temperatures, and red to represent warmer ones. With the data presented in this way, it quickly became clear to Zinsou that global temperatures have been rapidly increasing.

But don’t just take his word for it. Click here to interact with Zinsou’s dashboard in the cloud or download the .MSTR file and play with the data on MicroStrategy Desktop. You can even upload other environmental data to further explore the topic.

New to the process of building dashboards? Zinsou has these three tips for those just getting started:

  1. When building a dashboard to address a question or issue, the first visualization should instantly reveal the answer. The rest of the visualizations are there to confirm the answers in a more detailed way
  2. Incorporate gradual color and pattern variations to effectively highlight changes in the data
  3. Be careful not to blend too many data sources in the same visualization or you’ll risk confusing and overloading the information consumer