Organizations need a plan for dealing with increased demand for mobile, and they can also benefit from partnering with a technology company who can provide the necessary tools and expertise to help them succeed.

So what’s the first step to going mobile? Developing a Mobile BI Roadmap.

Below are the five steps that we believe are essential to building a functional, effective roadmap:

  1. Vertical Diagnostic: Examine the market demand and opportunities for mobile BI
  2. Competitor Diagnostic: Research best practices and conduct a high-level review of competitors who are already leveraging mobile BI
  3. Client Diagnostic: Examine how you are currently using mobile BI and identify viable opportunities for the next 12, 18, and 36 months
  4. Architecture Diagnostic: Assess your environment’s ability to support Mobile BI 
  5. Opportunities Workshop: A workshop where ideas are generated and selected ideas are validated and ranked

MicroStrategy was an early proponent of the use of mobile technology in the enterprise, and we have years of experience helping our clients go mobile. We’re committed to helping organizations use the power of enterprise mobility to transform the way they do business.