The filtering experience in MicroStrategy 10.9 is completely reimagined. Beyond delivering a modern look and feel, 10.9 also introduces support for visual filters. For the first time, users can leverage visualizations as filters, without taking up valuable screen real estate. For instance, by configuring a map to act as a visual filter, a user can click on a city, state, or other geographic area to filter the data contained in the dossier. Any visualization available in MicroStrategy can be used as a visual filter - from bar and line charts to sophisticated D3 visualizations. 

In addition to visual filters, dossiers also support advanced qualification and in-canvas filters. This means, users can drill from one page to another page within the same dossier, making it easy to move through a dossier and uncover insights. 

MicroStrategy 10.9 also introduces filter summaries for business users - included at the very top of the dossier interface. This helps ensure that end users always have full context for the information on their screen, without having to dock the filter panel and take up limited real estate.