For more than two decades, BARC has specialized in core research areas that are important to us and our customers including data management, business intelligence, cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

In BARC’s 2017 BI Survey, more than 2,500 BI practitioners ranked data discovery as the trend most important to their work. Knowing its top-of-mind influence for businesses and business analysts, it’s even more meaningful to MicroStrategy to be listed as one of the two Market Leaders in this area.

BARC’s 2017 data discovery report ranks 13 well-known vendors across two dimensions:

  1. Portfolio Capabilities: including data preparation, visual analysis, guided advanced analytics and platform
  2. Market Execution: including product strategy, customer satisfaction, financials, geographical coverage, sales strategy, ecosystem, marketing strategy and organizational strength

In addition to its vendor analysis, the report also offers key insights from BARC analysts around data discovery and the tools needed to more efficiently and effectively discover patterns and outliers in their data.