MicroStrategy Professional Services offers a dedicated self-service BI offering that provides organizations with the following over the course of a 4-6 week engagement:

  • A structured approach to deploying self-service
  • An understanding of the different styles, drivers, and models of self-service
  • A framework to arrive at a model that works for an organization's specific requirements and needs

Our proven method

The experts at MicroStrategy Professional Services have helped thousands of organizations around the world build a solid foundation for successful enterprise BI deployments using a proven, industry-trusted methodology. We take a similar approach to self-service BI, below is an outline of the steps we go through with each of our clients during a self-service engagement.

  • Define Enterprise Self-service Business Intelligence Goals: Assess the self-service BI business context and identify high value use cases across the organization
  • Take Stock of Application Processes: Examine the key application processes that will support a self-service BI environment
  • Gather Data Requirements: Evaluate the readiness of the data sources, data model, and security protocols for self-service BI and provide recommendations if needed
  • Diagnose Infrastructure Needs: Determine the readiness of existing infrastructure for self-service BI by examining servers and configuration settings, including: clustering, caching, multi-sourcing, and distribution components
  • Determine Organizational Preparedness: Appraise the organizations readiness for self-service BI by reviewing your organization and engagement model to reveal any gaps or potential issues and identify training needs