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MicroStrategy vs. SAP BusinessObjects

See the difference that modern analytics can make for your business.

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Analytics modernization is an essential component of digital transformation for growth-oriented companies. 

Organizations with legacy BI solutions like BusinessObjects (BOBJ) are looking for a modern, open, enterprise replacement that meets their evolving analytics needs.

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Top 3 reasons BI teams migrate from SAP to MicroStrategy

1. No Product Sunsetting

With more than 30 years of experience delivering enterprise-grade analytics to large user populations, MicroStrategy offers unmatched reliability and product continuity so you can upgrade your technology with confidence.

2. Superior Enterprise Analytics 

MicroStrategy’s open platform offers consumer-grade experiences for business users, a low-learning curve for analysts, and military-grade security. Combined these empower organizations to embed, extend, and inject analytics into every workflow.

3. Exceptional Migration Support 

MicroStrategy’s comprehensive migration program is tailored to your organization’s unique needs, so you can migrate and modernize your existing reporting and analytics, with zero downtime or disruption to your users.  

MicroStrategy’s investment in Business Intelligence innovation empowers more than 4,000 organizations.

Key factors to consider when migrating from legacy systems 

Full Migration Flexibility & Portability

Replace your legacy applications with a modern technology stack that delivers full deployment flexibility: whether your data is on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid state.

Data Security & Governance

Data protection and data integrity are core pillars of the MicroStrategy platform that support a seamless migration process. MicroStrategy offers the industry’s most flexible, and securely governed bi-modal analytics, including enterprise semantic graph capabilities that exceed conventional legacy BI requirements.

Lower Cost

Stop overpaying for maintenance of outdated, labor-intensive platforms with siloed architecture that cannot integrate with modern technology. Migrating to MicroStrategy’s open platform can lower your operational costs while protecting your investments.

Modern BI Experiences

Replace reports and simple visualizations with rich self-service and data storytelling solutions that are available everywhere your users work. Scale your operation faster, and future-proof your analytics approach.

Our Customers' Stories

A multinational Human Resources consulting company

was looking to reduce costs and streamline reporting. Switching to MicroStrategy consolidated the number of BusinessObjects reports from 57 down to a single MicroStrategy Dossier—complete with robust data governance and security. Migrating to a solution running on an AWS cloud platform reduced costs and allowed the company to standardize operations.

A leading global private bank

struggled to realize a fully automated self-service solution with BusinessObjects. This organization selected MicroStrategy as their platform for financial, risk, regulatory & compliance reporting, and analysis. Across thousands of users and dozens of distinct applications, MicroStrategy successfully replaced legacy Cognos, BusinessObjects, and Tableau installations—helping the firm reduce time to market and support its overall cost reduction strategy.

Are you ready to embrace modern analytics?

Let’s find out with 4 short questions:

  • Are you looking to modernize your analytics reporting and reduce maintenance costs?
  • Does your organization currently use SAP BusinessObjects?
  • Would you prefer to deploy a modern, enterprise-grade solution that embraces the cloud?
  • Is your organization planning other data migration projects to the cloud?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, MicroStrategy can help.

Start your legacy BI replacement journey

Migrating from SAP’s BusinessObjects to MicroStrategy will future-proof your BI investment and strategy, eliminating the risk of staying on an outdated and unsupported solution. Free your organization from uncertainties that come with staying on SAP’s BusinessObjects and get ready to deliver business value and adapt to changing business demands faster with MicroStrategy. Don’t compromise, modernize.