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BARC Data, BI, Analytics Trend Monitor 2024


As the business intelligence (BI) and analytics landscape continues to evolve, organizations are persistently addressing new challenges to derive the maximum value out of their data. But what do data practitioners perceive as important factors for tackling these challenges? And how do best-in-class companies differentiate themselves from the rest?

The latest BARC report – Data, BI, and Analytics Trends Monitor 2024 – shines a light on what data, BI, and analytics professionals regard as key trends to address these emerging challenges and stay ahead.

The report highlights:

  • The top 20 BI and analytics trends that are shaping the industry, including a brand-new entrant that has swept the results across regions and industries
  • Difference in trends by industry, region, and company size
  • 7 key recommendations for capitalizing on these trends for maximum gains

“Organizations want to go beyond the collection of as much data as possible and actively use data to improve their business decisions – not only in management but across the organization” – BARC Data, BI, and Analytics Trend Monitor 2024

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