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Bring the Power of Analytics to Your Bank

Equip your branch managers with accurate and real-time data

Visualize and manage your analytics with a 360° branch management application.

What’s the best way to boost data-driven decisions at your bank branch? Deploy a modern application with data visualizations into daily operations, performance, and market trends. 

With data controlled at a central, secure location, branch managers can: 

  • Monitor key touchpoints of the customer journey 

  • Optimize client experiences and identify opportunities 

  • Detect unusual patterns or high wait times 

  • React quickly with automated next-step recommendations

“Gartner data shows that 54% of finance organizations still struggle... to provide data and reports stakeholders can rely on to inform their decisions”

4 Data & Analytics Trends CFOs Can’t Afford to Ignore


Deploy in 30 days (or less).

Improve processes and culture by putting trusted data at the center of operations. 

Explore the daily one-stop-shop solution for the information you need.

See the 360° Branch Performance Solution in action.

Boost your investment in data.

Manage your branch performance with one application that delivers intelligence to everyone in your organization.

Quickly grasp key data points for confident decision-making.

With all your data in one place and structured in a simple and impactful way, you will be able to increase profitability and monitor the progress around key targets for the branch as well as its customers.


Gain instant access to critical client insights.

Quickly identify customer assignments and cross-selling opportunities. Keep performance metrics within reach to better achieve goals and objectives. Enhance every decision with the best information available at your institution.

Track every metric with confidence.

  • Core product growth and decline

  • Customer engagement and satisfaction

  • Market trends

  • Business cashflow

  • Sales metrics (prospects, clients, purchases, loans, customer wait time in branch)

  • Touchpoints with target

  • Conversion and renewal rates

  • Individual performance and incentives


Join thousands of organizations that trust MicroStrategy.

Explore how Commonwealth Bank of Australia leverages MicroStrategy to deliver tailored analytics to their business banking customers. Powered by MicroStrategy, the Daily IQ application analyzes transactional data and provides businesses with insight into customer profitability, key markets, and cash flow.

Experience what’s possible with the most advanced capabilities in data visualization.