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Engineering Excellence with Data

Discover how Amica revolutionized data practices for enhanced customer experiences.

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Amica is the longest-standing mutual insurer of automobiles in the U.S. A direct writer, Amica also offers home, life, marine and umbrella insurance, as well as annuities.  Founded in 1907, Amica is owned collectively by its policyholders. It also has one-tenth the number of employees compared to the biggest players.  

Amica has been a long-time MicroStrategy customer since 1995. Empathy and data enable Amica to provide a unique value proposition that resonates with their customers, the vast majority of whom choose to stay with them every year. Known for their industry-leading customer satisfaction, Amica consistently ranks among the nation’s top insurers—receiving numerous accolades for their products, services, and overall performance. In fact, Amica was honored with MicroStrategy's 2023 Customer Innovation Award. 

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Success by the Numbers


licensed employees — nearly half — use MicroStrategy


Dossier adoption across claims leadership


Hyper cards speeding up customer workflows

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The Challenge 

Amica’s team members across the country must leverage data effectively to efficiently process thousands of claims daily, provide exceptional customer service, and compete in a highly commoditized industry where their competitors benefit from massive economies of scale.

With a significant focus on customer support, Amica had to integrate data into their core insurance applications to empower front-end users in making informed decisions. However, the custom development required for this integration would be costly and would tie up IT resources for months or even years to complete the work.

The Solution

2020 put everything on pause—but not Amica.

Despite the turmoil in 2020, Amica continued to innovate. They have brought together a core set of technology leaders and data practitioners into a centralized Enterprise Data Solutions (EDS) team. Additionally, Amica has adopted MicroStrategy as its corporate standard analytics tool, extending beyond claims. Self-service data analytics became a key component of Amica’s data strategy with 1 in every 3 employees using MicroStrategy Dossiers.

By incorporating HyperIntelligence into their business processes, Amica eliminated the time and costs associated with integrating applications for streamlined customer experiences. They have deployed 7 Hyper cards to expedite calls and ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction—eliminating the need to search for details and hyperlinks across systems.

“Amica was founded on the basis of  ‘We don't want to be the biggest; we want to be the best.’ Customer-centricity was our core value from the very beginning.” 

– Sean Welch,
  Senior Vice President & Superintendent of Claims, Amica

Three hyper cards showing data for a claim center ticket, a claim file's injury details, and recommended actions

The Impact

Since 2019, Amica has streamlined workflows, reduced operating costs, and improved customer interactions across their claims and customer service divisions using MicroStrategy ONE. Their smart use of data across the organization has helped support impressive customer retention rates.

The Results

Today, over 1,500 employees at Amica utilize MicroStrategy self-service capabilities and HyperIntelligence to make better-informed decisions that directly impact its customers.

Amica isn’t stopping there. They have discovered an even more efficient and cost-effective way to deliver data by directly connecting MicroStrategy with their cloud technologies from Amazon Web Services and Teradata.

Amica’s investments in innovation and data are already paying off, enabling them to deliver data more quickly through Dossiers, Hyper cards, and curated data sets.

A strategic approach to data continues to fuel innovation at Amica—helping reimagine their business and maintain their leadership position in the industry.

"HyperIntelligence was a huge shortcut, eliminating the time and cost of application integrations. MicroStrategy plays an important role in democratizing data across Amica.” 

– Ray Zientara,
    Assistant Vice President & Head of Enterprise Data Solutions, Amica

Amica’s most impactful use cases powered by MicroStrategy ONE

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Claims agents and managers utilize HyperIntelligence cards to facilitate customer calls, helping them seamlessly take callers’ claim information, communicate relevant policy limits, and share direct repair shop information. Manager cards assist in prioritizing backlogs and assigning claims to the most suitable representatives based on specific issue types. 

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Sales and customer service representatives leverage HyperIntelligence cards to identify cross-selling opportunities for pre-qualified accounts in real-time. The sales card is displayed only when a range of logical conditions are met. This ensures its relevance, speeds up cycle times, and reduces representative effort.

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Road Safety

Amica, in partnership with Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) and powered by MicroStrategy, launched the StreetSmart app. They offer policyholders personalized insights and discounts to encourage safe driving. Analysts and actuaries can now utilize near-real-time data for pricing and underwriting.

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