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Trusted Financial Services Analytics

Increase your share of the pie with the #1 enterprise analytics platform.

Tackle the complexity of Banking, Finance, and Insurance reporting and reveal new business opportunities with superior analytics

Financial services firms are facing an increase in economic, regulatory, and technological challenges. Industry-leading organizations across the globe trust MicroStrategy analytics solutions to reduce costs, drive revenue, enrich the customer experience, manage risk, and navigate regulatory requirements.

Experience modern banking analytics, financial services analytics, and insurance analytics with MicroStrategy. Deploy customized, data-driven applications that meet your unique business intelligence (BI) needs.

Get a personalized demonstration of the advanced analytics features and let us show you how it can help your organization manage critical insights that drive your business.

Grow your business with analytics that drive profit

Deploy a branch management app in 30 days (or less)

Strengthen performance and increase profits with a personalized, secure application. Unlock new opportunities within your existing customer base. Identify potential targets for new accounts.

Boost your profitability with the most complete business intelligence solutions

Commercial and Business Banking

Deliver a personalized data experience to your banking customers, improve customer service, and gain a competitive advantage.

Customer Relationship Management

Use powerful analytics to enrich customer experience and engagement, build loyalty, and drive revenue growth.

Data Commercialization

Strengthen partner relationships by offering useful insights for manufacturing, distribution, and retail businesses, offered through secure portals based on anonymized data.

Asset Management and Servicing

Empower wealth advisors with apps that provide powerful analytics and real-time insight into markets and portfolios to help deliver superior customer service.

Accounting and Finance

Streamline financial reporting and ensure that senior management has constant access to critical and reliable data.

Risk Management

Leverage scalable and sophisticated analytics to effectively manage the demanding and evolving requirements associated with regulatory reporting.

Explore how Freddie Mac, a leading mortgage loan company brought analytics to everyone at their organization—from comprehensive C-level reporting to loan-level detailed alerts for operators—all based on a single trusted data foundation. With MicroStrategy, Freddie Mac delivers a holistic set of data and analytics to their users and customers, helping them understand and navigate complex risk profiles as they engage with the secondary mortgage market.

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Customer success in financial services

Watch how leading financial services companies use MicroStrategy.

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