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Education: Courses & Certifications

How do I register for a Jump Start class?
You can learn more about the Jump Start program and register for the free classes nearest your location at:
How do I register for a paid class?
You can register, pay for, and manage all your classes within the Learning Portal, located at:
What is the MicroStrategy Learning Portal?
The Learning Portal is an online Learning Management System where you can register, purchase and manage all your education needs. Each user has their own transcript showing completed and upcoming classes. You can access the Learning Portal at:
What is a PEP?
A Perennial Education Pass (PEP) is a 12-month user subscription that provides unlimited access to our comprehensive course catalog. PEPs are priced at $3,500 per user, making them the best value in MicroStrategy Education.
How is a PEP different from a TU?
With Training Units (TUs), you can purchase $100 gift cards and redeem them on any course, certi cation, or private training for your team. Anticipating increased training this year? Buy TUs in bulk to ensure employee skills will be developed to align with your strategic goals.
Can I purchase individual courses?
Know the exact course you need to take? You can purchase courses à la carte through the MicroStrategy Learning Portal. Each day of training costs $700.
Where can I get more information on my purchasing options?
The latest details about these options can be found at:
How long is a certification project?
For a specialist level certification, the project is one day while a master level certification project takes two days.
What happens to my v9 certification? Is it still valid?
Yes, you are still certified in v9. With the advent of MicroStrategy 10, we encourage you to be certified in version 10 to augment your MicroStrategy expertise. See the diagram on the page 53 on how you can align your current certification into a version 10 certification.
What language(s) are available for certification projects?
All certification projects are currently offered in English only.
What happens if I do not pass the certification project?
If you do not pass a certification project, you must re-attempt it and pass it to get your certification. You may want to refresh your knowledge base by attending the recommended classes.
Do I have to take classes to take a certification project?
It is not required to take the supporting classes. However, the suggested classes are strongly recommended as they prepare for the certification projects by providing you with the proper knowledge in the various topics related to the certification project.
Why do certfications no longer require comprehensive exams?
MicroStrategy raised the standards for certi cation by using a project based approach to evaluate the skills of a candidate for certi cation. This way, you can prove your knowledge in a practical way rather than a series of theoretical questions.
I am a Certified Platform Engineer (CPE) in v9, is there a v10 Engineer certification?
No. MicroStrategy does not offer a certification that includes all other certifications in one. Because of the wide variety of roles, each participant determines the area of expertise they want to certify on and selects a unique certification to do so.
How do I prove my certification to a third party?
You can print your transcript and certi cate from The Learning Portal, or you can use the MicroStrategy Certified badge you earned on your résumé or business card. Make sure you follow the badge usage guidelines.
What is the passing grade for a certification project?
What resources are allowed during a certification project?
You may use your course manuals, MicroStrategy online help, MicroStrategy product manuals, and the MicroStrategy Knowledge Base for assistance in completing the project. However, you may not ask anyone for assistance. See the certification manual for more specific rules on your certification.
I don’t have time to dedicate full days to training right now. Is there still an option that can help me learn more about the tool?
Absolutely! We have a growing offering of our full-length courses that have been turned into self-paced options. These are modeled of the same great content as instructor led courses but allow you to work at your own pace. These interactive modules can also be embedded in your company’s LMS for tracking purposes and include quizzes and hands-on simulations as well as the ability to bookmark and search for meaningful topics.
Who should I contact for general questions about MicroStrategy’s education offerings or to schedule training?
You can email us at or reach us toll free, Monday-Friday at 1-877-232-7168 from 3am EST-5pm EST.

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