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Forrester Research: What Generative AI Means for Enterprise Business Intelligence

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Public tools like ChatGPT fall short on enterprise BI essentials.

There is a new and urgent mandate in modern enterprises: embrace generative AI. When it comes to using GenAI with your data, it's important to understand how LLM’s probabilistic processing differs from more precise deterministic engines—and how combining them delivers the productivity benefits of GenAI with the precision of enterprise BI.  

In this detailed review, Forrester experts explain how to avoid pitfalls like ChatGPT's "approximations" and ensure your BI remains precise. Explore their insights to elevate your BI strategy with GenAI's unmatched potential.  

Please enjoy this Forrester Research report, compliments of MicroStrategy. 

“Don’t mistake ChatGPT for an enterprise-grade BI solution… Enterprise technology and data leaders must approach the promise of GenAI with a ‘trust but verify’ mindset.” 
— Generative AI: What It Means for Enterprise Business Intelligence, Forrester Research, 2023