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Elevate Analytics with Generative AI

Solve your AI deployment challenges and make AI accessible to everyone

The promise of generative AI combined with BI is significant. This powerful duo means that generative AI is built on well-understood, trusted information that can serve everyone in an organization.” – Ventana, now part of ISG 

According to Ventana, now part of ISG, 62% of organizations plan to adopt AI in the near future. However, two-thirds of organizations don’t have the necessary skills to apply AI. And only about a quarter of organizations have the necessary governance policies in place. But when you learn how to overcome AI implementation challenges, you open your business to a new era in analytics. 

Read the latest Ventana Viewpoint to learn: 

  • The incredible business benefits of AI while being realistic of the implementation challenges 

  • Why integrating AI with BI is the logical solution to overcome AI adoption difficulties 

  • How Microstrategy offers comprehensive AI capabilities that enhance productivity for every person in an organization to make data adoption and insight-driven actions more pervasive everywhere  

Download now to discover the combined power of AI and BI in your analytics journey. 

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