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Forrester Research: Generative AI Prompts Productivity, Imagination, and Innovation in the Enterprise

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Recent advancements in GenAI offer massive opportunities for businesses everywhere—prompting crucial investment decisions.
Leading generative AI technologies like OpenAI’s ChatGPT have created an inflection point across every discipline that depends on data. In business, the risks of falling behind vastly outweigh the upsides of exploration and experimentation, even amidst ethical concerns and the fledgling state of GenAI. 

"With great power comes great responsibility.’  Unfortunately, generative AI can go horribly wrong and there is much we don’t know yet about how it will perform at scale."
—  Generative AI Prompts Productivity, Imagination, and Innovation in the Enterprise, Forrester, 2023

Forrester’s experts break down the details to ensure that your GenAI strategies drive impact. Their insights will help you understand how enterprises use AI today, navigate the complex landscape of trust and ethical considerations, and anticipate trends like embedding trustworthy GenAI solutions into a range of enterprise applications and websites.

Please enjoy this Forrester Research report, compliments of MicroStrategy.