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Unleashing the Power of AI in Analytics and Business Intelligence

Discover data backed insights of the current state of AI in analytics and the future state of Business Intelligence

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According to the latest research from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), a part of Tech Target, 89% of organizations are investing more in analytics and BI tools. Furthermore, 40% of businesses plan to incorporate generative AI capabilities in their BI strategy. However, the use cases differ across organizations and industries.

With more data being generated and collected than ever before, traditional methods of data management and analytics are no longer sufficient. AI has the potential to revolutionize all facets of the data and analytics lifecycle. But challenges exist.

Within this eBook, discover:

  1. The current state of infusing AI into analytics
  2. What challenges business face in integrating AI into their BI and analytics practices
  3. Where business leaders anticipate bringing wide-spread usage of AI injected analytics
  4. Use cases for employee adoption + business needs

Read the in-depth research report by ESG that sheds light on the why and how of AI in analytics, compliments of MicroStrategy.  

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