Mobilize your business.

Empower employees wherever they are, from the back office to the field.

Deploy best-in-class native mobile apps so sophisticated analytics can go wherever employees do. Equip people to make better decisions on the fly with touch-optimized reports and dashboards that put critical information at their fingertips. And mobile analytics is just the start. With MicroStrategy, you can build custom digital transformation apps tailored to any business function or role.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile is fully integrated into the MicroStrategy platform, so it's easy to leverage existing visualizations, reports, and dashboards to instantly deploy to mobile devices.

Digital Transformation Apps

Transform sales enablement, retail operations, customer engagement, and more with powerful, custom apps that are optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Code-free App Development

Deliver apps in record time and at a fraction of the cost with our extensive library of mobile development tools.

Instantly deploy analytics to mobile devices.

Mobile is integrated into the MicroStrategy platform, making it simple to leverage existing visualizations, reports, and dashboards to instantly deploy mobile analytics. By putting up-to-date information in employees’ hands with mobile reporting, analytics, and monitoring, organizations can empower employees to make better decisions from anywhere. And MicroStrategy doesn’t just deliver reports to a mobile device on a web browser; it creates a truly native mobile experience so users can take full advantage of the unique capabilities of their mobile devices when interacting with their data.

MicroStrategy Library

Library is a personalized portal that delivers modern ebook-style mobile analytics right to users' smartphones or tablets. The MicroStrategy Library app lists all the dossiers and dashboards that users have access to in a single, intuitive interface.

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Enterprise-grade app security

Configurable app and document-level security ensures that data is always protected, so organizations can mobilize and expand access to information with confidence. MicroStrategy mobile apps leverage the comprehensive, multi-layer security features of the MicroStrategy platform, so data is always protected.

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Optimized for every device

Device-optimized prompts and filters make for a visually appealing and natural workflow. Touch-enabled visualizations let users interact with and analyze data directly on their device. And mobile maps with gesture navigation make geospatial analysis more intuitive than ever before.

Apps that Drive Adoption

MicroStrategy can help accelerate the adoption of analytics throughout your organization by making analytics easy, convenient, and user friendly—so every user, from executives to analysts, can access the insights they need—when and where they need them.

Go beyond mobile analytics with powerful apps for digital transformation.

MicroStrategy's mobile app development platform empowers organizations to mobilize any information system, business process, or web application currently trapped on the desktop. Transform sales enablement, retail operations, customer engagement, and more with powerful custom mobile apps that deliver results. Discover a new way to do business with analytics, transactions, multimedia, collaboration, and security–all delivered via a single mobile app development platform.


With transactional input forms, users can write back information to corporate systems from a mobile device. For example, users can submit or approve corporate requests, upload images of product displays, or update CRM data. MicroStrategy provides online and offline support for transactions, enabling users to take action when and where it's most helpful.


Embed videos, PDFs, presentations, and more directly in your apps to give employees, customers, and partners access to everything they need to get the job done. Update content from a centralized location and instantly push it to mobile devices, so users always have access to the most up-to-date content.

Offline Access

Reports and dashboards can be securely cached to enable easy offline analysis, so productivity never depends on internet connectivity. While in offline mode, users can still complete transactions, which are queued and automatically submitted when connectivity resumes.

Alerts and Notifications

Proactive alerting that leverages native device functionality, including Apple's Push Notification technology, ensures that employees never miss out on critical business opportunities.

Customer Success with Mobile Analytics

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Customer Success Story

Merck Empowers Field Reps with MicroStrategy Mobile

Discover how Merck, a leading global biopharmaceutical company, uses MicroStrategy to deliver intelligence into the hands of 90% of its field reps.

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Customer success story

Freddie Mac is Transforming the Mortgage Experience with MicroStrategy

Discover how mortgage giant Freddie Mac is using MicroStrategy to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide greater certainty in the mortgage origination process.

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Customer success story

The Container Store: Mobile App Platform

The Container Store optimizes in-store operations by equipping store managers with mobile enablements apps. Read the case study to learn more.

Deliver external mobile apps that users love.

Build and customize apps to match your brand and differentiate your service to customers and partners.


Match your brand

Use a variety of SDKs and APIs to easily create branded, white-label applications that promote and assert brand identity, connect emotionally with users, and help promote brand awareness.

Fast Performance

Deliver sub-second response times for every app interaction, so users can get the answers they need in an instant.


With complete platform security and personalization features, MicroStrategy lets you deliver personalized insights and app experiences to every user, regardless of role.

Deploy faster with code-free app development and design.

Building powerful, custom mobile apps has never been easier. With flexible, code-free tools and a click-to-configure development canvas, you can mobilize business workflows faster and deliver a highly responsive native user experience to every device. Deliver apps in record time and at a fraction of the cost with our extensive library of mobile-optimized widgets and drag-and-drop design interface.

Pre-built mobile widgets

Drag-n-drop canavs

Build apps quickly and easily

MicroStrategy Mobile comes pre-populated with an array of features that are designed to help both new and experienced users rapidly design and deploy mobile apps—making app development intuitive and scalable. Developers can drag and drop static and interactive content onto an empty canvas, customizing the look and feel of each different view or page within the app to match their unique needs—and output native applications.​

Enrich apps using the Mobile SDK

With the MicroStrategy Mobile SDK, you can easily produce custom-branded mobile apps that deliver new offerings and services to customers. These apps empower B2B and B2C organizations to deliver analytical functionality and value-added services to partners and clients. By incorporating custom app icons, splash screens, and login menus, every workflow within these apps can be designed to match your corporate branding. These apps can be further enriched by using the SDK to embed custom Objective-C or SWIFT.

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Manage enterprise mobile apps with ease.

MicroStrategy delivers a powerful set of tools that make deploying and administering mobile apps across the enterprise fast and efficient.

Screenshot showing apps being secured via MicroStrategy EMM.

Integrate with EMM solutions

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions are used by many enterprises to govern various aspects of workforce mobile devices, applications, and services—including updates, access settings, device restrictions, password protocols, and more. Leverage MicroStrategy native SDK integration with three EMM providers: MobileIron, Good, and AirWatch. MicroStrategy Mobile further supports EMM capabilities by incorporating guidelines set by the AppConfig Community.

Monitor and Improve Apps

With powerful backend tools that deliver key insights on usage and adoption, MicroStrategy helps developers constantly iterate and improve apps. These allow administrators and developers to perform cohort and navigation path analysis, identify bandwidth issues, pinpoint the locations of high adoption, and more.

Update Apps Automatically

MicroStrategy features a metadata-driven product architecture that enables object reusability, and helps accelerate building apps as well as maintaining them. Every object is stored with a unique definition, so any change made to an object in one place is reflected instantly in the metadata and automatically updated in every instance of the object in all the other places. This makes updating apps fast and efficient.

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Put the most powerful analytics platform to work for your business.