Secure Gateways

Lock down physical and logical assets across the enterprise.

Usher enables organizations to deploy a unified, digital mobile identity (the Usher badge) to employees, contractors, visitor, suppliers, and partners—replacing or greatly enhancing traditional enterprise Identity & Access Management systems. Usher badges are dynamically and securely linked to an individual’s privileges and across Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) installed throughout an organization, as well as a variety of logical assets including web applications, VPNs, and workstations.

Screenshot showing an iPhone displaying an 'access granted' message after a user has opened the company parking garage.
Screenshot showing an iPad displaying a welcome message after a user has unlocked an application or physical gateway using Usher.
Screenshot showing a user managing their organization's badges and access settings via Usher.
Screenshot showing an iPhone mobile app unlocking a facility for a user via bluetooth proximity.
Screenshot showing an iPad mobile app unlocking a facility for a user via bluetooth proximity.

Usher for physical access.

Usher supports a variety of authentication methods that allow registered users to gain entry to physical access gateways (including doors, gateways, and turnstiles). This includes a user tapping on a digital key on their smartphone, scanning a QR code, tapping an NFC tag, and a variety of Bluetooth functionality. Usher leverages Bluetooth to deliver a wide range of enterprise functionality. Grant users zero-touch access to physical gateways, digitize your physical infrastructure by leveraging 3rd-party building management systems and IoT networks, and deliver micro-location services that enable facility mapping and footfall analysis.

Supported authentication methods:

  • Bluetooth

    Bluetooth badge readers can authenticate users as they approach with the user’s BLE-enabled mobile device.

  • Beacons

    Beacons that are deployed near physical entryways can authenticate Usher users that are within range.

  • Digital keys

    Authenticate by simply tapping a digital key on your phone, tablet, or watch.

  • QR codes

    Scan a QR code or tap an NFC tag that is displayed next to an entry point to gain access.

Screenshot showing an iPhone mobile app unlocking a facility for a user via bluetooth proximity.
Screenshot showing an iPad mobile app unlocking a facility for a user via bluetooth proximity.

Usher for logical access.

Usher makes it easy to protect access to logical systems with pre-built integrations to a wide variety of applications, VPNs, and workstations. With Usher organizations can deploy a single standard of security across every logical enterprise asset.

Integrations with existing systems:

  • Web and Cloud-Based Applications

    Usher can be configured to provide authentication for any SAML 2.0-enabled application or website, and comes preconfigured with out-of-the-box gateways for a variety of popular web applications, including Salesforce, Dropbox, Office 365, Google Apps, and GoToMeeting.

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

    Organizations can leverage time-sensitive, one-time passwords, push notifications, or other configuration options to control access to their enterprise VPNs. Usher provides preconfigured support for many different VPN providers, including Cisco, PulseSecure, Citrix, and F5.

  • Workstations

    With Usher, organizations can roll out hands-free access to workstations via Bluetooth proximity. Once configured, users can unlock their computer by bringing their Usher-enabled mobile device within range.

Key benefits of using Usher.

Consolidated identity management

Deploy a single type of credential for all enterprise access and authentication in order to reduce management overhead, cost, and risk.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Pre-built integrations with popular PACS like Lenel, Tyco, and Paxton, web applications like Salesforce, Dropbox, Office 365, and Google Apps, and VPNs like Cisco, PulseSecure, Citrix, and F5, make it easy to get started.

Frictionless user experience

Users can take advantage of a variety of authentication methods to unlock PACS-protected gateways and access logical assets and applications, including digital keys, QR or NFC codes, one-time passwords, and Bluetooth proximity.

Manage multiple badge types

By using a single system to credential different groups like employees, suppliers and contractors, partners, visitors, and customers, organizations can simplify operations and reduce costs.

Quickly grant and revoke privileges

Issuing or revoking an Usher Badge is quick and easy, lowering the time and effort required to manage an environment.

Integrated telemetry

Generate valuable telemetry data every time a user interacts with an Usher-enabled physical gateway or logical asset and boost your organization’s security posture.

Leverage existing infrastructure.

Usher comes with built-in support for a variety of popular PACS, making it easy to deploy modern physical security without overhauling existing infrastructure. Access privileges are maintained for each individual within existing PACS and are dynamically linked to a user’s Usher badge. These badges are refreshed routinely to ensure that they reflect all changes to a user’s privileges. For PACS systems that do not offer an API, a generic Usher PACS API is available to accelerate integration efforts.

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