Digital Identity and Mobile Telemetry

Deploy actionable identity intelligence.

Manage, protect, and optimize enterprise assets, resources, and devices.

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MicroStrategy Usher® digital identity helps organizations unlock the potential of a fully connected Intelligent Enterprise through the power of a digital badge issued to users’ smartphones. Employees, suppliers, partners, and customers can use this incredibly convenient credential to open doors, unlock workstations, log into applications and websites, scan QR and barcodes, record their locations, find other users, and more. These interactions generate powerful identity intelligence that gives enterprises unparalleled insights they can use to improve efficiency, deliver context-based information, and provide a personalized and convenient user experience.

Digital Credentials and Access Management

Digital credentials on mobile devices reduce users’ reliance on passwords and sync with existing physical access control systems (PACS), logical systems, and user directories.

Telemetry and Analytics

Generate critical identity intelligence every time an Usher badge is used to access enterprise resources or otherwise interact with assets or people.

Collaboration and Productivity

Monitor activity, manage employees and other remote resources, communicate with people, and coordinate actions across the enterprise.

Modernize authentication with digital credentials.

MicroStrategy makes it easy for organizations to deploy digital credentials to employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. These credentials seamlessly sync with existing physical access control systems (PACS), logical systems, and user directories to streamline enterprise access and authentication as well as improve user productivity.

Digital Badges

Plastic ID badges, passwords, and tokens are insecure, inconvenient, costly, and can too easily be stolen or otherwise compromised. Digital badges provide a more flexible, secure, and convenient way to authenticate.

Embeddable and Customizeable

Use a single product to deploy digital credentials with unique access privileges to every employee, vendor, and customer. Deploy a standalone mobile app, or embed functionality within an existing, consumer-facing application.

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Logical Access

Empower employees with secure access to any SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect compliant application, website, VPN, or workstation. By eliminating the need for passwords, organizations improve workflows while generating valuable data on employee behavior and resource utilization.

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Physical Access

Plug directly into a variety of existing enterprise PACS to quickly and cost-effectively modernize facilities access. Leverage GPS, Bluetooth, and biometric features to identify users and grant access to physical systems.

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Employee Digital Badge
Gym Digital Badge
Customer Digital Badge

Generate and gather real-time identity intelligence.

Usher delivers real-time data on enterprise access, authentication, and resource usage. This identity intelligence can be used to boost workforce productivity, monitor security, and optimize resource usages.

Real-time telemetry

Identity intelligence data can be analyzed in real time, so organizations can get detailed insights into user behavior, identify potential security threats, and make more data-driven decisions.

Resource Optimization

Organizations have a wide range of resources, from hardware and IT infrastructure to vehicles and office space. By generating key telemetry data based on the usage of these assets, Usher lets organizations analyze this information to better understand how and when resources are being used.

Identity Analytics

Usher enables organizations to get real-time data on enterprise access and authentication, so anomalies or unusual events can be immediately highlighted.

Customer experience management

Embed Usher functionality into existing, consumer-facing applications. Create tailored user experiences for your customers by tracking activity and dynamically delivering customized marketing materials, coupons, and loyalty rewards.

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Experience Usher

Take a tour of the Usher Virtual Lab using a test badge and experience firsthand how Usher streamlines enterprise access and authentication.

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Encourage communication and improve productivity.

Usher Professional helps connect your organization, with the ability to communicate with individuals or groups based on their location or searching on directory attributes.

Gain Operational Visibility

Connect with a widely distributed workforce. Whether it is a regional sales force, remote employees, or a network of truck drivers spread across the country, managers can locate and communicate with employees in just a few clicks, fostering greater collaboration throughout the organization.

Improve Safety Response

Respond to emergencies faster and more effectively by communicating, tracking, and managing first responders, students, employees, and other users in real time. Usher Professional can be used to determine the location of impacted users or locate emergency response personnel and communicate relevant information.

Enable Collaboration

Make your user directory more meaningful and improve communications by enabling employees to easily search on directory attributes and deliver messages directly to individuals or groups.

Build Identity-driven Apps

Deliver a personalized user experience leveraging the Usher platform. Use our SDK to embed functionality into your own apps or take advantage of MicroStrategy’s professional services expertise to create an entirely new experience.

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