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A platform to power the Intelligent Enterprise.

Provide personalized analytics to thousands of users across your business, at minimal cost in time or resources.

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MicroStrategy provides the tools developers, architects, and administrators need to simplify and accelerate processes at every level of an analytics deployment—from creating the object-oriented infrastructure, to building and distributing world class BI applications, to monitoring and managing the full life cycle of a project.

Single Version of The Truth

MicroStrategy offers a powerful platform that empowers decentralized teams across the enterprise. Leveraging a centralized platform architecture, organizations can easily deploy governed analytics applications that preserve data integrity and accuracy, while still offering flexibility through advanced data blending capabilities.

Scale to Thousands of Users

With the broadest range of reusable objects, combined with a highly scalable in-memory architecture, MicroStrategy makes it easy to deliver personalized analytics to thousands of users across the enterprise with just a small team.

Manage the BI Lifecycle

From development, to testing, to production, MicroStrategy gives administrators the tools they need to successfully manage and automate the BI lifecycle. It's easy to migrate applications, validate data quality, and monitor usage in real time, ensuring that your organization’s mission-critical applications are always up and running--with the lowest TCO.

Deploy apps fast and empower decentralized teams with trusted data.

By delivering a centralized repository of reusable metadata objects, MicroStrategy lets organizations build and deploy applications faster--while providing a set of standardized objects that departmental teams can use to create self-service apps of any kind.

Map Federated Data Assets and Drive Rapid Development

Information Apps

Object Reusability

Cut out rework with object reusability. Once created, objects are centrally stored in the MicroStrategy metadata repository. They can be easily reused to create a variety of reports, dashboards, and analytics applications—all without requiring additional time and input from IT.

Metadata Repository

Connect analytic silos while enabling departmental analytics. The metadata repository provides organizations with a centralized means of tying together silos of analytics while offering trusted information to every constituent. Self-service users can easily create business apps that leverage both certified enterprise objects and personal or departmental data.

Platform Efficiency

Run a more efficient IT shop. Any change made to a metadata object is automatically and instantaneously propagated to all its dependent objects. This makes change management much easier for the IT department, helps keep enterprise data consistent, and ensures a single version of the truth.

Deliver high-performance applications at scale.

MicroStrategy is designed to operationalize analytics without constraints on data volume or the size of an organization’s user population. With a platform that’s optimized for performance behind the scenes, end users can benefit from faster insights regardless of underlying data complexity.

In-memory Architecture

Enable speed-of-thought analysis. MicroStrategy’s scalable in-memory architecture empowers organizations to deliver unmatched speed and performance, regardless of number of users or data complexity. By ensuring sub-second response times for any app, organizations can ensure that business users find answers fast and when it counts.

Optimized Data Connectors

Make big data accessible for every user. With optimized connectors to every database, file system, and data lake, MicroStrategy leverages push-down functionality to deliver faster response times on the largest datasets. This enables business users to leverage big data sources at the speed of thought.

High-Performance Optimization Tools

Optimize apps for high performance. MicroStrategy delivers a full set of performance tuning and optimization tools that make it easy to match application performance according to organizational needs. With custom configurations, administrators can set how workloads are managed and prioritize user experiences according to role and requirement.

Enable trust and flexibility with governance.

The MicroStrategy platform provides governance and security capabilities that let organizations maintain control of a trusted analytics environment while providing flexibility to business users. Maintain a balance between centralized control and business-driven analytics to drive adoption and promote a data-centric culture.

Single Version of the Truth

Build a single version of the truth. MicroStrategy empowers organizations with a secure, enterprise-wide system of record that also provides pathways for incorporating new data sources that originate from decentralized teams. Confidently bring in new data sources without compromising the established enterprise system of record.

Role-based Security

Deliver secure, personalized experiences to every user. With role-based security and access privileges, deploy applications that are relevant to end users. Leverage row and column-level prompts, filters, and access permissions to safeguard your data assets.

Digital Identity

Modernize authentication with digital identity. Control access to corporate systems, applications, and physical assets using smartphone-based digital badges. Limit access using geo-fencing and time-fencing to maximize the security of critical business assets.

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Deploy, manage, and monitor applications with ease.

MicroStrategy delivers a modern console for the deployment, management, and monitoring of analytics applications. Administrators can spin up environments, automate tasks, and optimize applications for top performance on the cloud and on-premise.

Automate Tasks

Automate routine administrative tasks. MicroStrategy provides a powerful set of tools that allow administrators to leverage scripting in order to automate routine maintenance tasks and configuration settings. Automate the maintenance of users or user groups, manage privileges, update project schemas, migrate dev and test applications, and more.

Monitor Environments

MicroStrategy provides tools that allow administrators to easily monitor every aspect of an analytics deployment. Quickly and easily view usage patterns, system resources, and uptime across multiple environments. With real-time alerts, administrators have instant insights into key usage and performance information.

Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy the MicroStrategy platform on-premises or on the cloud. Supported on a variety of operating systems and cloud providers, administrators can launch enterprise projects in minutes. With clustering and scheduling tools, deploy a platform that can scale to current needs while minimizing overhead.

Put the most powerful analytics platform to work for your business.