Federated Analytics

The tools you love. Only better.

MicroStrategy Dashboard showing a visualizations produced with R analytics

Deploying a powerful enterprise intelligence platform doesn’t mean giving up the tools your users love. MicroStrategy 2019 delivers a foundation for users to get more from their favorite tools while accelerating development and enhancing trust. It’s all powered by the Enterprise Semantic Graph–a foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise.

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For analysts​.

MicroStrategy 2019 lets analysts and business teams tap into trusted enterprise data, blend in other sources, and quickly build content--without giving up their favorite self-service tools. Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik users can connect directly with MicroStrategy to enhance their departmental apps with scalability, security, and data governance. It’s the best of both worlds.

Power BI



MicroStrategy Analytics Platform





Web-based Applications

For data scientists.​

Using MicroStrategy and popular statistical libraries, data scientists can access trusted data to build complex models that benefit the entire enterprise. MicroStrategy delivers open-source R and Python packages that let data scientists surface powerful machine learning algorithms, empowering analysts and developers to rapidly build sophisticated intelligence applications.

Screenshot of a data-science algorithm being built with Python code

For developers.

With an open architecture and comprehensive set of APIs, MicroStrategy 2019 lets developers embed intelligence into custom and third-party applications with ease. Build custom data connectors and apps using common programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, Java, Python, SWIFT, Objective-C, .Net, and more. Use the included development kits, sample code, and utilities to get results, fast.

Screenshot of a MicroStrategy Dashboard embedded into in a Salesforce application

Powering it all: The Enterprise Semantic Graph.

MicroStrategy 2019 enables the Enterprise Semantic Graph, a powerful foundation for trusted, federated analytics. The semantic graph layers system usage, location and telemetry data on top of enterprise data assets and systems–opening the way to a new class of AI-driven applications and experiences.

Put the most powerful analytics platform to work for your business.