Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise Reporting

Put critical information in the hands of every decision maker.

MicroStrategy provides an extensive set of powerful tools for report creation, customization, and distribution that make it easy for the Intelligent Enterprise to give employees access to critical information. Deliver personalized information as operational reports, ad hoc reports, branded invoices, statements, and more.

Operational reports and statements to run your business.

Reports that deliver operational data to end users are essential to running an efficient and productive organization. MicroStrategy offers banded reports and statements that provide organizations with a structured and flexible environment for report development.

Easy Navigation

Structure large amounts of data into a natural hierarchy for maximum readability and ease of navigation.

Pixel-Perfect Design

Quickly design operational reports and statements using drag-and-drop functionality and flexible formatting.


Take advantage of a variety of delivery options to deploy personalized reporting to every enterprise user.

Analyze data your way with ad-hoc reporting.

MicroStrategy provides a flexible reporting environment that leverages OLAP functionality to give end users the ability to quickly slice and dice data and get the answers they need. With ad hoc reporting, a single report can meet the unique analytical needs of thousands without the requiring the support of IT.

Ad-Hoc Reporting
Mobile Reports on Devices

Beautiful reports, no matter how you view them.

The MicroStrategy platform supports a wide variety of reporting styles and device types, so users can get their data how and where they want it. Since everything built with MicroStrategy shares a common metadata layer, users can view and interact with the same reports on their desktop, mobile devices, and web portals without any administrator intervention.

Get to the heart of your data at the speed of thought.

Sift through data and perform train–of–thought analysis using simple gestures, drag­-and-drop motions, and toolbars. Access large amounts of data in an intuitive and rapid manner to easily understand data and inspire business action. Dig deeper into your data and identify important trends, patterns, and hidden outliers using a variety of manipulations.



Drill Anywhere



Totals and subtotals

Derived metrics

One-click metrics

Derived elements

View filters

Report Prompts

Prompted reporting

Dynamically modify the content of a report at runtime, so users only see the information that's most relevant to them. MicroStrategy enables prompting on a variety of objects, including: hierarchies, values, dimensions, thresholds, and attributes.

Report Filters

Flexible filtering

Quickly and easily modify the content of a report by filtering based on attributes, metrics, and other objects. End users can leverage view filters to further narrow down the result set of a given report.

Put the most powerful analytics platform to work for your business.