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Protecting Your Data with Best-in-Class Security

Learn more about the robust enterprise-grade security built to protect your data.

In this video, we’ll share a holistic look into the best-in-class security packaged into your HyperIntelligence service—which is built on top of the world’s leading enterprise analytics platform.


[00:26] Applying a Security-First Approach to the Hyper.Now Enterprise Platform

[00:48] Building Security into our SDLC from the Design Phase Onwards

[01:11] Using Best-in-Class Data Encryption Techniques to Protect Data At-Rest and In-Transit

[01:32] Using Supported Authentication Protocols to Further Govern Access to Your Data

[01:44] Using Best Practices to Scan and Protect Your Hosted Environment from Vulnerabilities

[01:56] Leveraging International Security and Data Privacy Standards

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