The power to share actionable insights with the entire enterprise.


With MicroStrategy it's easy to schedule and automate the delivery of personalized documents, reports, and dossiers to thousands of users across your Intelligent Enterprise. Ensure that every decision-maker has access to information they need, when and where they need it.

Deliver personalized reports to thousands.

Every user has different needs when it comes to data. What's relevant to a store manager is likely not what concerns the CFO. With MicroStrategy, it’s easy to deliver personalized views of enterprise data to every user without overloading the IT department. By leveraging user preferences and security roles, a single report can be distributed across the entire organization, and users only see the data that's relevant to them.

Global Map Visualization Dashboard

Executive management

Country Map Visualization Dashboard

Country manager

Region Map Visualization Dashboard

District manager

Subscribe to reports to receive the latest data.

Subscribe to reports or dossiers and receive notifications when changes are made. Subscriptions can be configured so they are triggered at a specific time or when a specific event occurs. Creating subscriptions for others is an easy way to keep stakeholders involved and ensure everyone is using the most up-to-date information.





History list

Dashboard Bursting


Bursting options with MicroStrategy allow a single report or dossier to be parsed into sub-reports for individual subscribers. Rather than running different reports for each recipient, an individual report can be sliced and diced into thousands of personalized subscriptions that can be automatically delivered to specific users.

Dashboard Alerts


Alerting is a powerful capability in MicroStrategy that allows organizations to closely monitor business data and inform decision makers of critical exceptions and trends in the data as they occur. By immediately notifying the right person in the organization, alerts help to avoid unnecessary delays in the deployment of corrective action.


With dossiers, analysts can easily share a link that gives other developers the ability to modify the app, or provide consumers with view-only links that let them add it to their MicroStrategy Library. Links can be shared via email, chat, or direct invite.

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