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MicroStrategy on AWS

Discover the value of cloud-based analytics
Modernize your analytics 

Tap into the full power of MicroStrategy’s AI-powered business intelligence deployed on your cloud provider of choice, allowing you to embrace the power of cloud intelligence and drive analytics innovation within your business.

Scale with AWS 

AWS was chosen as our infrastructure-as-code solution because they are a market-leading provider with the most robust functionality.

From 400 clicks to 3

Customers can quickly get started with modern applications—enabling easy deployment with better time-to-value and substantial cost savings.


Amazon Redshift + MicroStrategy

This powerful combination empowers organizations to:

  • Analyze datasets and run billions of rows at sub-second speeds
  • Design, deploy, and deliver actionable insights across the enterprise
  • Ensure high performance of analytics applications at scale

Conventional challenges. Proven solutions.

From healthcare and hospitality to telco and technology, organizations that move to MicroStrategy Cloud reduce costs, increase agility, ensure reliability, and maximize security. And our managed service frees up your time so that your team can focus on building the solutions that matter most for your business.​

Boost analytics adoption

Reseller Partners are service providers that resell MicroStrategy products and services in addition to selling vertical solutions among their portfolio of offerings.

Innovate faster

Modernize your analytics more easily than ever with enterprise intelligence powered by the MicroStrategy Cloud and stay ahead of the competition.

Transform your business

Empower your organization to embrace a data-driven culture, preserve flexibility, and future-proof their approach to cloud, all while delivering immediate, tangible value to business stakeholders.

“It’s a rare and beautiful thing when you’re able to establish an entire ecosystem that offers data and insight to everyone in your organisation. But that’s what we set out to achieve—using great technology to get timely, impactful information into the hands of great people.

Leveraging the MicroStrategy Cloud as our enterprise analytics solution proved key to our widespread adoption. Its underlying data model, scalability, security and brilliant visualisation really couldn’t be beaten. All proved critical to getting actionable insights into the hands of colleagues on the store floor and through every aspect of our business.”

Phil Jordan
Chief Information Officer, Sainsbury’s

Migrate in weeks. Not months.

Join industry leaders already benefiting from this 4-step process.
1 Prerequisite questionnaire

Identify key requirements and complete the migration survey.

2 Environment build

Build and test your environment prior to deployment.

3 Metadata migration

Ensure a seamless transition by replicating files into your environment.

Environment validation

Conduct automated testing and obtain stakeholder sign-off.

Explore the Benefits of MicroStrategy Cloud

Move Your Analytics to the Cloud!

Our experts make it easier than ever to migrate and modernize your analytics on the MicroStrategy Cloud.