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AI-Powered Analytics with Snowflake

Bringing clarity and insight to large volumes of data

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Solve all your data and analytic needs with Snowflake’s rapid cloud data migration capabilities and MicroStrategy’s AI-powered analytics.

This powerful combination enables you to bring together diverse workloads, users, and use cases directly to your data, enabling you to handle complex data scenarios and voluminous datasets to extract valuable analytic insights with ease.

Snowflake’s unmatched scalability and performance, together with MicroStrategy’s industry-leading Semantic Graph, lets you deliver simplified user experiences and a single, trusted version of your data to everyone, everywhere.

Bottom line: With Snowflake as the best platform for rapid migration of data to the cloud, and MicroStrategy as a one-stop shop for pervasive AI-powered analytics, you can start to unleash next-gen analytics capabilities in your organization.


With MicroStrategy and Snowflake together, organizations can confidently embrace the power of cloud intelligence and drive analytics innovation by:

  • Leveraging the best of both solutions. MicroStrategy speaks Snowflake's language, not some non-performant generic SQL, and uses Snowflake’s tools and functions!
  • Having the flexibility to choose a cloud provider of their choice. Both Snowflake and MicroStrategy are cloud agnostic.
  • Unlocking oceans of data and complex data use cases for advanced analytic insights.
  • Rapidly moving data to the cloud and using it for analytics immediately, thus unlocking a significant competitive advantage.
  • Increasing time to value for customers undertaking data platform transformation projects.
  • MicroStrategy can migrate workloads automatically to Snowflake compared to the manual efforts required with our competitors

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