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AI-Powered Analytics on Microsoft Azure

Where cutting-edge AI innovation and trusted BI analytics converge


Discover the unparalleled capabilities of MicroStrategy ONE on Microsoft Azure! Deploy AI-driven workflows powered by limitless data, cutting-edge cloud-native technology, and unrivaled performance, accelerating your journey from data to action. From streamlined bulk reporting to intuitive self-service analytics, everything is supported by a singular, fully cloud-native architecture, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and agility. And with the industry-leading MicroStrategy Semantic Graph, data, rules, and metadata seamlessly weave together, delivering maximum efficiency with minimal technical debt.


Drive analytics innovation with the power of cloud intelligence. The combined power of MicroStrategy and Microsoft Azure lets organizations:

  • Focus on building innovative apps without worrying about the complexity of infrastructure management.
  • Upgrade to the latest features and take advantage of security enhancements with just a click. 
  • Leverage microservices architecture to easily manage demand fluctuations for unparalleled performance.  
  • Ensure the highest security standards, thanks to our rigorous security practices.
  • Purchase MicroStrategy directly through Azure Marketplace

See the Benefits of AI-Powered BI on the Cloud

Deploy AI-powered BI that aligns with the needs of your organization. Join the world’s most innovative companies that use MicroStrategy to create novel product experiences, discover new insights, and improve operations globally.

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