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AI-Powered Analytics on Google Cloud

Where cutting-edge AI innovation and trusted BI analytics converge

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Our next generation cloud-native architecture is now available on the Google Cloud platform. Drive pervasive adoption of AI-powered workflows on the back of unlimited data sources, cloud-native technology, and lightning-fast performance that speeds up time from data to action. From pixel-perfect bulk reporting to custom analytics apps and modern self-service analytics, everything is powered by a single, fully cloud-native architecture. Add to it MicroStrategy’s industry-leading Semantic Graph that weaves together data, metadata, and business rules for optimal efficiency and minimum technical debt. The combination of MicroStrategy and Google Cloud is a sure shot winner.


Use cloud intelligence to drive analytics innovation. With MicroStrategy and Google Cloud together, you can:

  • Focus on building innovative analytics experiences and not worry about infrastructure management
  • Get the latest features and security updates with just a click
  • Let MicroStrategy’s microservices architecture handle demand fluctuation to top-notch performance and availability  
  • Be sure that the highest security standards are in place throughout the entire development cycle
  • Align effortlessly with your cloud transformation initiative 
  • Buy MicroStrategy directly from the Google Cloud Marketplace 

See the Benefits of AI-Powered BI on the Cloud

Get more from your data with AI-powered business intelligence. Some of the world’s most innovative companies trust the MicroStrategy platform to deliver unique customer experiences and unlock their data’s true potential.

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